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Mets: Time To Clean Up The Roster

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Updated: 9:00 pm

It is reported that Cespedes is out for the year now after undergoing surgery on both his heels. And also the Mets have paid insurance on their injured players which have saved them from paying salaries, but they have not used any of the savings towards improving their roster.

So who else needs to go, this entire front office and ownership. That is the only way to right this sinking ship.

Original Post: 4:14 pm

The New York Mets made a debacle of their 2018 roster and some may argue that injuries once again played a huge part in the dynamic of the team, but at the end of the day there needs to be major changes to the roster that will bring youth once again back to the farm system.

As a Mets fan, it is very easy for me to decide who must go because those would be the ball players that have done nothing to help the team win.  But as a baseball fan, I have to look at it as a way that allows the team to be successful for years to come. Here is my list of players I would waive or trade to help start the rebuilding process.

Jose Reyes

He should have never been resigned in the first place, even though the Mets indicated it was to help Amed Rosario grow into his role as a major leaguer shortstop, I believe Rosario has done a pretty good job doing that on his own, rather than having Reyes as a mentor, who can’t even get out of his own way. Reyes hitting has been horrendous batting just .182 in 73 games, spanning 148 at bats.  Most times he looks lost at the plate or trying way to hard to impress. I feel he should just play the game and stop over thinking it.  But at this point, it’s clear it’s time to just part ways.

Yoenis Cespedes

Where shall I begin?

How does a player tell the media that he knows what has caused his recent injuries and then the organization doesn’t even address the issue. Then a few days later he is back on the DL for the very same reason he stated caused his first recent stint on the DL this season. Yes, I agree, that makes no sense, but in the Mets world, it makes perfect sense.

The trade that brought Cespedes to the Mets was a steal back in 2015 and catapulted the organization to the postseason, but the last two seasons including 2018, he has spent more time off the field then on. He has appeared in just 38 games this season, but still has nine home runs and 29 RBIs. So it’s easy to say, if he was healthy for a good chunk of the season, he could really help the Mets win, but at this point, what are the Mets really getting for their money, nada.

Having Cespedes once again on the DL limits the Mets and of course they would not try to trade him even if he was not on the DL, but how much patience can a fan base have.

Jose Bautista

Now don’t get me wrong having Bautista on the Mets roster isn’t costing the organization much if not anything at all, but Mets fans have to be tired of seeing a once prolific slugger, who brought fear to opposing pitchers, become a non-threat at the plate. Now at the time of writing this, he did help the Mets come from behind to defeat the San Diego Padres at Citi Field 6-4, and he did hit a two run bomb, but now a days, those are far and few between. Most will argue with me, he is 37 years old, I get that, but then why do the Mets need him on their roster. Getting younger is key, not older.

It’s already old that the Mets try to revive once promising careers, field a team that can actually make things happen and stop handing out positions to players that are on their outts.

Jacob deGrom

deGrom’s name is not here for any other reason then to help this young studd and move him to an organization that actually cares. I mean come on, the guy has pitched his heart out, while leading the entire major leagues with a 1.71 ERA in 20 starts.  But he is only 5-5, which tells you how much help he has gotten from his own team. I understand that deGrom wants to stay with the Mets, but at what cost. He deserves better. I am not saying I do not want him on the Mets, what I am saying, he can do a whole lot better on a team with better run support or an organization that will field better ball players. If deGrom is the face and future of this organization, then the Mets need to start moving, getting younger and soon, very soon.

Noah Syndergaard

Probably for my same reasons for letting deGrom go, I feel right now Syndergaard can bring the Mets some much-needed talent back to the organization. Now you can’t base your entire future on prospects who have yet to grace the major league roster with success, but if there is anything left in this organization to attract buyers with promising ball players now is the time. Syndergaard has put up decent enough numbers in 13 starts, posting a 6-1 record, with a 2.89 ERA, so far this season. But before the dog days of August arrive and the Mets fall deeper into mediocrity, it’s time now to find a new home for Syndergaard and bring back some relevance to an organization seeking to excite their fan base again. Most thought that would happen when Tim Tebow made his presence known during the September call ups, but after he sustained a fracture placing him on the DL, the Mets are left without anything to end the summer on a high note.

If the Mets truly care about their fans, make some major moves, shake up this roster and bring winning baseball back to Queens. Now do I believe this will actually happen, No, but as a suffering Mets fan, one can only hope.

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