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Minor League is here

Minor League is here, after no 2020 season. So, I am back to my old pastime of watching the minor leagues. First of all, I am enjoying the play of the Blue Hair Kid Name Jazz Chisholm & the Marlins. However, my love is still in the minor leagues. Oh, by the way, with the now re-organized independent leagues, this adds more flavor to watching the game. 

New Start dates

For example, new opening dates and lots of team movements, and a few leagues & teams dropped. Hence, learning new teams and league is still ongoing, even new rules that govern the games. 

Above all, Monday’s seen to be a fixed day off for all teams, and all series are six games at a time. Moreover, Monday’s most likely used as a travel day for teams to their next games. 

In the meantime, it is still a wait-and-see with the rookie league schedules. In these cases, so many players are still in camps waiting for a chance to play ball. Along with the pending 2021 MLB draft, it may get crowded soon. As for the games now playing, check out a series of stories on LOD by Brian Koss on the MILB Realignments. 

Indy Baseball Leagues:

As a result of MLB partnering with Indy ball, most ballparks who had lost their minor league teams picked up an Indy league team. (Oh, Happy Days, America’s past time continues in those stadiums). 

Lifeline for Free Agent Players: 

Indy Leagues were always a place for a free agent to show that they still belong in the game. Hence, for years when players got released, they would go and play there, and with the 2020 cuts of MILB teams, more players had to find a new team outside of an MLB affiliated team. 

As a result, many teams were looking for a home with an influx of good players into independent leagues. For the most part, new teams for more players, read.MiLB Realignment: Independent MLB Partner Leagues Edition – Legends On Deck, by Brian Koss. 

2021 season is here:
Minor League is here

Tahnaj Thomas is at High-A, with 20 Ks in 15 innings.

In the meantime, some players are still waiting on their season to start. In their case, it may come after the 2021 MLB Draft, and this may also be the case for some Indy Leagues. 

As the summer is upon us, there will be many more leagues on the way. Hence, more players are looking forward to playing. 

Side Note:

Minor League is here

Seymour within four hits of 500 career hits. Photo by Tom Hagerty

Finally, Anfernee Seymour is four hits shy of 500 career hits. We celebrate you. After becoming a free agent in 2019, he is now playing with Kane County Cougars In an (Independent League). Todd Issacs Jr. will also join the Indy League with the New Jersey Jackals.



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