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MLB: 2018 Bahamas Top 30 Prospects.

MLB: 2018 Bahamas Top 30 Prospects.

Jazz Chisholm, Lucius Fox Jr & Kristian Robinson. Photo Trevere Saunders.

Six of the 18 minor league players from the Bahamas are top 30 prospects.

Trent Deveaux and D’Shawn Knowles Photo by Trevere Saunders.

Jasrado Jazz Chisholm the highest rank is at #3 (D.Backs), followed by Lucius Fox Jr #9 (Rays), Kristian Robinson #12 (D.Backs), Trent Deveaux #23 (Angels), D’Shawn Knowles #24 (Angels), and Tahnaj Thomas # 30 (Indians).

 Tahnaj Thomas trade to the Pirates on November 14th.

Both The D.Backs and The Angels having two players each; #3 and #12 prospects on the D.Backs, #23 and 24 prospects on the Angels. From 17-year-old  D’Shawn Knowles and Kristian Robinson to 21-year-old Lucius Fox Jr. Six prospects signed last year and 2018 was their first minor league season.

For the most part, Lucius and Jazz were top 30 prospects for the last three years; And both Kristian Robinson and Trent Deveaux were preseason top 30, D’Shawn Knowles and Tahnaj Thomas earned their spots later.

MLB: 2018 Bahamas Top 30 Prospects.

Anfernee Seymour who also started the year as a Braves top 30 prospect before being released and re-signing with the Marlins could become a top prospect. Plus a  Blue Jays system that is loaded with top prospects, there is Chavez Young a fun-loving players who could also be top 30. Seymour who turned his 2018 season around with the Marlins, got honorable mention for the Marlins 2018 All-Stars.

From Top Prospect to the MLB:

Its four years since the Bahamas last had a Major league player, Antoan Richardson. So with six top 30 prospects and twelve other minor league players, we hope see another soon.  With a few players knocking on the door of top 30 prospects.

There are two good M.L.B potentials now playing in the Arizona Fall League who can break through in two years. Lucius Fox Jr and Jasrado Chisholm, Fox Jr played in the A.F.L All-Stars West Team that won the classic. Both Fox and Chisholm are having good fall ball seasons.

There are a few players who are looking for stronger showing in the minor leagues. Strong enough to be  top 30.

Come next January 5th, 2019 minor league players will be slugging it out, with minor league players from all over baseball’s farm system. At the Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise hosted by Todd Isaccs Jr and Lucius Fox Jr. We would love to see you in Nassau, the Bahamas at this unique event won by the Blue Jay number 2 prospect Bo Bichette.

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