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2016 MLB Spring Camp Reporting Dates

Mets Pitchers

Spring is in the air, can you smell the aroma of fresh cut grass, the sounds of bats hitting balls and the oohs and aahs from the fans. Baseball is back and it’s right around the corner.

Actually, since the calendar just changed to February, baseball is merely three weeks away.

Below are the reporting dates for all 30 MLB teams.

D-BacksFeb. 17Feb. 18Feb. 22Feb. 23
BravesFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25
OriloesFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 23Feb. 24
Red SoxFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 23Feb. 24
CubsFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 23Feb. 24
White SoxFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 22Feb. 24
RedsFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 23Feb. 23
IndiansFeb. 17Feb. 18Feb. 21Feb. 22
RockiesFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 24Feb. 25
TigersFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 22Feb. 23
AstrosFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 22Feb. 23
RoyalsFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 22Feb. 23
AngelsFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 23Feb. 24
DodgersFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25
MarlinsFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 21Feb. 22
BrewersFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25
TwinsFeb. 21Feb. 22Feb. 26 Feb. 27
MetsFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 25Feb. 26
YankeesFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 24Feb. 25
AthleticsFeb. 20Feb. 21Feb. 25Feb. 26
PhilliesFeb. 17Feb. 18Feb. 22Feb. 23
PiratesFeb. 18Feb. 19Feb. 22Feb. 23
CardinalsFeb. 17Feb. 18Feb. 22Feb. 23
PadresFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25
GiantsFeb. 17Feb. 18Feb. 22Feb. 23
MarinersFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25
RaysFeb. 21Feb. 22Feb. 25Feb. 26
RangersFeb. 18 Feb. 19Feb. 23Feb. 24
Blue JaysFeb. 21Feb. 22Feb. 25Feb. 26
NationalsFeb. 19Feb. 20Feb. 24Feb. 25


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