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M.L.B Trade Deadline The Kid Traded

At the M.L.B trade deadline, the Kid traded. The D-Backs traded #1 Prospect Jasrado Chisholm to the Miami Marlins for Pitcher Zac Gallen.

After the trade, The Marlins sent him to double-A Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps. Then made Chisholm their #4 top prospect behind Sixto Sanchez, JJ Bleday and Jesus Sanchez. Jesus was also traded at the deadline to the Marlins from the Tampa Rays.

What does this trade mean for Chisholm:

Well, we will have to wait and see; But for now, he has a teammate in childhood friend Anfernee Seymour. You see, both Chisholm and Seymour grew up in the Bahamas and played in the same league as kids.

Seymour, who is the most senior to this crop of baseball players from the Islands, was always the person they looked up to as kids.

With the heart of a champion is the way Anfernee plays the game. So Jazz is in good company.

Now he has to work on the game that will get him to the top level. All fingers are cross that this will happen this year.

Playing with Anfernee Seymour:
M.L.B Trade Deadline The Kid Traded

Marlins Anfernee Seymour, Photo by Tom Hagerty

Playing on the same team with Anfernee Seymour could be beneficial for Jasrado Chisholm. Seymour, the longest minor league player at present from the Bahamas, was Drafted by the Marlins in the 7th round of June 2014 draft. He is playing in his sixth season.

In the meantime, He is less than twenty hits away from 500 career hits. Also with the season winding down, he has to make every at-bat count.

Furthermore, being the player and leader that he is, He can focus on both: five hundred hits, and the Kid.

The Next Bahamian to the Majors:

Twenty young talented players are in the minor leagues. The race is on for the next MLB player.

Generally, the people from the Islands are big baseball fans and has followed the game for a very long time waiting on the next locally grown player to get the call.

Hence, it was no coincidence that half the nation was up when Antoan Richardson scored the winning run for the Yankees on Derek Jeter’s final career at-bat.

M.L.B Trade Deadline The Kid Traded to the Miami Marlins lit up social media in the Bahamas. It was a big buzz; my phone was ringing for the inside scoop, as information came to me that Jazz was on his way to the Marlins.

Western Nassau, Bahamas, A.K.A Miami Dade County:

There is a saying that Bahamians believes that they have the rights to go to Miami, Florida, anytime they wish! Its called West Nassau.

Bahamians were traveling to Miami for the 18 century. Also, flight to Miami today is less than 35 minutes.

When the Call Comes:

Finally, when the call up comes. We will be there. Family and friends living in Florida, and in the Islands can’t wait to invade Marlins Stadium to watch Anfernee and Jasrado playing in Miami.

Lucius Fox and the Tampa Rays are also a short flight for us. We are hoping to watch him in the Rays Stadium also.

The Nations baseball fans are in a wait and see, with hope.

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