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My Journey To Become A Baseball Writer



As I look back over the last two baseball seasons, I am still amazed as to how much I have accomplished in such a short time.  Now not to pat myself on the back, because I am more comfortable with others getting the attention, unless its directly related to my writing, but it’s amazing how quickly time passes when your having fun.

I have always had a passion to write about the game I love, but I actually tried my hand in it during the Mets 2006 run to the playoffs with my own baseball blog.  Back then I really didn’t understand how it all worked, but I was having such a great time following my team and writing about the season. I have to admit that I was bummed at times when my own friends wouldn’t even comment on a post I wrote, especially when I would send them the links 20 times a day. I guess that was a bit desperate to say the least.

Fast forward to 2012; while running a semi-pro football team in Florida, I met a guy named Eric Schmidt who ran his own football blog and was following our team. After some small talk, he shared with me that he also had a baseball site.  Well, at the moment something lit up inside of me, and it was the excitement of possibly having an opportunity to start writing about baseball again after giving it up six years prior.

I requested to write for his site and after a short time and some lessons on blog writing, I was in.  Oh was I happy.  I contributed on Hardballchat.com for the summer of 2012 and also part of the summer of 2013.  But my big break came in the spring of 2013.

When I moved away from NY in 2006, there was one site that kept me in the loop with all my Mets news, Metsmerizedonline.com. I would look up the site from time to time and one day in the spring of 2013, while on the site, they had a banner that they were looking for writers, well I took my chance and after sharing my work from HardBallChat.com, I was accepted as a contributing writer. It was like Christmas in April.

Little did I know where it would take me.  But even from the beginning, Joe Decaro took me under his wings and showed me the ropes.  It was a bit different from my writing on HardBallChat.com but it was still writing baseball.  Joe shared with me all about his stories of meeting the players, interviews and the great stories of following the Mets.  I have to admit I was a bit jealous, but I took it all in stride and just wanted to learn to be the best writer I could be.


After a short while of seeing my name in lights on MMO, I was contacted by Joe’s minor league site Editor, Matt Musico.  I actually went to a local minor league game here in Fort Myers between the Miracle and the St. Lucie Mets and wrote up my experience covering my first game. After that post,  Matt asked me to join on with him as a contributing minor league writer. I reluctantly agreed because I really wanted to stick to the majors, but there was something about my experience at the minor game that stuck with me.

The move to the minors side, changed my life as a writer and by the end of 2013, I was doing interviews with minor league ball players and just having a ball getting to know them and learning all about the life of a minor leaguer.  It was something I really never had any knowledge of, but was grateful to be able to enter into their world.  I eventually took a chance after Matt moved on and requested to be the new minor league site editor and was gladly accepted.

Running the minor league site was a great experience and even though it was hard at times, I felt like a minor league ball player myself learning the ropes and trying my best to make everyone around me better and also grow the site.  It also led me to Spring Training and my opportunity to cover the major league club.

That alone was something amazing; walking into the clubhouse in Port St. Lucie and just standing next to players like David Wright, Curtis Granderson, Matt Harvey and finally seeing what goes on in a major league clubhouse.  I felt like a kid again and some familiar guys like Chasen Bradford, Cory Vaughn, Daniel Muno and Dustin Lawley, who were some of the guys I interviewed during the fall, helped me to feel comfortable, just like I was one of the guys that was meant to be there. It was just an amazing feeling to be around that atmosphere.

The best part of it all came in June when I traveled to New York on a family vacation.  I was able to get credentialed for a game at Citi Field. Walking onto the field and being able to sit in the press box and go in the clubhouse was just a dream come true and something I will always remember.

Towards the end of the summer, after enrolling in my last semester in college, I had to walk away from running the minor league site, because of my school workload and family commitments, but something else started to brew up inside of me. I had always wanted to go back to writing about all of the teams of our National Pastime. As much as I loved the Mets, and still do, I just wanted to get back to writing about other players and teams and just baseball stories. I am forever grateful for what Joe Decaro and everyone at MMO and MMN did for me as a writer, but I felt that after school was over, it was time for me to start my own site. And not something that I thought would be easy, but with my wife’s support and my buddy and Legends on Deck Partner, John Ginder saying we could do this, I started to believe that it could actually happen.

Well fast-forward and here I am, a college graduate and co-founder of Legends on Deck. Wow what a journey to reach this point in my life.  I have made many great friends covering the Mets, some friendships within the organization and others that go beyond baseball, and I am so grateful for this journey that I have been on, but it’s not over, it’s only the beginning.

So now I get the opportunity here on Legends on Deck to share my knowledge of the game I love and help to build a community of writers and fans that can follow their beloved teams.  I am excited and ready to take on this new challenge in my life. Join me for the ride….

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