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New Faces For The Yankees, But Same Results

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Before the trading deadline on July 31st, the Yankees added five new players to their roster, left handed pitcher Jaime Garcia, along with right handers Sonny Gray, Tommy KahnleDavid Robertson and Todd Frazier. So far the Yanks have had mixed results from those additions.

Kahnle and Robertson have been as advertised giving the Yankees excellent results in the bullpen. Gray had one start and gave up two earned runs in six innings of work. New York is hoping that the 28 year old can give them innings and it’s a plus that he is signed through the next two years, but he is injury prone. Gray was obtained after the Yankees gave up three promising prospects.

As for Garcia, he had a terrible first outing and I don’t believe the Yankees will get much from him as he is not a hard thrower and does not have very good stuff. What is amazing is the Yankees are thinking of replacing Jordan Montgomery with Garcia in the rotation and sending the rookie to the minors, giving Garcia the starts instead. Montgomery helped the Yankees snap a four-game losing streak on Saturday by pitching five innings. with seven strikeouts, and giving up one earned run. Montgomery has pitched well this year and needs to stay in the rotation, replacing him with Garcia would be mistake.

Let’s discuss Todd Frazier. He has done well on defense but terrible at the plate. He is batting .206 and has hit two home runs since joining the Yankees but otherwise no production to speak of. I don’t see the Yankees resigning him next season.

The Yankees had a six game winning streak last week taking over 1st place from the RedSox giving all us Yankees fans hope that in this season they would end up in 1st place, but recently they have endured another losing streak of four games, no clutch hitting, their fielding has not been good and they showed that they cannot hit good pitching.

The Yankees have fallen back three games behind the RedSox. The starting pitching has done okay and the relief pitching has been very good but the hitting has gone south. Constantly the hitters have been unable to drive in runs from second and third base with less than two outs. Main culprits have been Gary Sanchez, Frazier, Matt Holliday and Aaron Judge. The Yankees miss Starlin Castro who has been good with men on base, but he is currently on the disabled list.

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The baby bombers have been very quiet lately. Judge has a batting average of less than .200 since the All Star game and has been striking out a bunch. You can see him opening up to much trying to pull every pitch but even though he has struggled a bit out the gate of the break, he still has a .299 batting average, with 35 homers and 78 RBIs. The hope is that he and the rest of the team should be expected to snap out of this slump soon.

Clint Frazier started out producing in the clutch and playing good defense, but lately his average has gone down and he has been making some mental and defensive mistakes. I foresee Frazier being sent back down when Aaron Hicks completes his rehab in the minors. Tyler Wade, who is suppose to be a good fielder with above average hitting skills has been worse, seems to be striking out every time up. When Castro comes back Wade will go back down.

I want to give kudo’s to several Yankees who have continued to give the team their all. Brett Gardner has been terrific, hitting clutch hits after clutch hits. Didi Gregorius has shown that he is a coming star at shortstop who can also hit for power and average, currently batting .304, with 17 homers, 54 RBIs.  Ronald Torreyes has had his moments giving the Yankees good defense as well as a reliable bat. Luis Severino has been our ace, 8-4 record with and ERA of 2.98.

This has been an up and down season for the Yankees, showing some promise but until they become a consistent team on all facets of their game, I don’t see them making the playoffs, if they do, it will be one and out. Maybe as the baby bombers become more experienced, the Yankees will become a force in the future and become the Yankees of old.

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