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Next Up Don’t Blink 2021

Up Next Don't Blink 2021

Next Up Don’t Blink 2021, Home Run Derby in Paradise. Finally, the date for the most exciting home run derby in the offseason.

Yes, the annual Home Run Derby, usually held on the 2nd weekend of January, was moved to December.

The 4th annual Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise will be on December 18th, 2021. Postponed from an earlier date because of the Covid-19 virus, said an event spokesman.

Next Up Don’t Blink 2021:

Next Up Don't Blink 2021

Breathtaking view of the Run Derby in Paradise Beach.

Even though we live on the island of beaches, there is nothing like the sound of the home runs launched into the blue waters. In this case, the waters are so clear that you can see the sand at the bottom, also a few large fish as they swim past.

However, a venue change for 2021 will be even more exciting. Finally, I can’t wait to see the new launching path on the beach on Paradise Island; you must be here to see it. I have worked near that beach for over 20yrs, where my desk had a window few of the beach, and I am telling you, it was breathtaking.

Other Callender of Events:

Up Next Don't Blink 2021

With Theme Pirates of the Bahamas, here is the Schedule of Events

In addition, before I get a little too excited, here is the schedule of events. To begin with, a celebrity Softball Game, hmmm, count me in, while I go and work on my celebrity status in the meanwhile. This game alone will be worth the trip. 

Following a day of softball, day two will be the Kids Clinics; well, that counts me out. First, however, bring your kids to this exciting clinic hosted by MLB & Minor League players. All kids are welcome. 

Also, a golf tournament this time around. I can see Jazz Chisholm Jr hitting the ball into the ocean just of the 9th hole; well, I hope he remembers that he has to keep it on the greens. Then he can hit the baseball into the sea. 

Finally, Enjoy the 2021 Draft Show:

Finally, The draft show is full of laugher and lots of smart-mouth comments.

Click Here: Don’t Blink 2021 Home, Run Derby, in Paradise, coming December 18th.

Don't Blink MLB Players

Don’t Blink HR Derby host: Todd Isaacs and Lucius Fox with 2019 winner Lewis Brinson.

DBHR 2021 loaded with talent:

In addition to defending champion Lewis Brinson, the talent pool at this year’s derby has some excellent up-and-coming MLB Stars. After listening to the draft show, you know the talent on the way; However, let me name two, Jazz Chisholm Jr & Wanda Franco, need I say more. Hence, as this off-season activity grows, more and more great talent will show up on our beaches—see you on December 18th, 2021, on Paradise Island. 

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