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Next up from the Bahamas

New York Yankees, Antoan Richardson Batting

Next up from the Bahamas. The last player from the Island to play in the major leagues was in the year 2014.

In the sixties, there were two known players, in the seventies was two, in the eighties one. And then Antoan Richardson in 2011 & 2014.

Two players on MLB 40 man rosters
Next up from the Bahamas

Jazz Chisholm Jr & Lucius Fox Jr Photo by Mathew Carper

Furthermore, the MLB rule-5 draft of 2019 saw Two of our players added to MLB teams 40 man rosters. Hence, making the next one up a possibility this year. With 2020 spring training invites, both Lucius and Jazz are on their way.

 Next Up from the Bahamas:

D-Backs’ No. 1 prospect added to player pool.

Next up from the Bahamas

The D-Backs added #1 top prospect Kristian Robinson to their 60 player pool, which was good news for local MLB fans. As a result of this, He became the third player added to an MLB team pool who can get the call-up.

Top Prospects:

Photo by Trever Saunders

In the meantime, we have six MLB top 30 prospects in the minor league. Besides, two who are top MLB 100. Robinson at #48 and Chisholm at #74. Here is the list of top 30 prospects. #1 The D-Backs, #4 The Marlins, #9 The Angeles, #15 The Pirates, #16 The Angeles, and #25 The Royals

Photo by Mathew Carper

As the 2020, the MLB trading deadline draws near. The Tampa Bay Rays traded Lucius Fox Jr. to the Kansas City Royal on August 27th and added him to their 40 man roster.

The Coach at First Base
Spring Training with the L.A Angels

San Francisco Giants first base coach and Angeles #9 prospect D’Shawn Knowles

Awaiting the next one up is Antoan Richardson. The first base coach of the Giants. Hired by the Giants in 2019 as an outfield instructor, Richardson got his first taste of coaching at the MLB level that same year. A dedicated student of the game. Finally, he can share his knowledge whiles enjoying the game he loves.

With just one month of regular play left. We are all waiting and hoping that one of our players will get the called up to the Major Leagues of Baseball.

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