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Next up is Lucius Fox Jr

Next up is Lucius Fox Jr

Next up is Lucius Fox Jr; moreover, we celebrate that Lue has made an MLB team opening day roster. Along with the 2010 Cal Ripkin World Series teammate, Jazz Chisholm Jr, Fox and Chisholm are the first 2 in living memory for the Bahamas to make an MLB opening day roster in the same year.

After a strong finish at triple-A last year, I was looking forward to him making an opening day MLB roster in 2022. As a matter of fact, he had a hit in every one of his last ten games, including five home runs. Hence, he was healthy and playing good baseball for the first time in a while, which showed why he was always a top prospect.

How picture this:

Now picture this; Playing and or competing with your organization’s top #1 prospect; that was Lue with his last two teams. In this case, these players are their team’s future stars, Wander Franco (Rays) and Bobby Witt Jr (Royals). 

Furthermore, after his trade to the Royals in 2020, then came the Covid-19 Pandemic that shut down MLB and most of the world. Hence, that season’s cancellation became a wait-and-see for Fox, later placed on the Royals taxi squad. 

Fox Jr pickup of waivers:

Up next is Lucius Fox Jr

Lucius Fox Jr, pickup of waivers, twice. Photo by Mathew Caper.

According to MLB transactions, on November 19, 2021, the Baltimore Orioles claimed SS Lucius Fox off waivers from the Kansas City Royals. But not so fast; then, on November 30, 2021, the Washington Nationals claimed SS Lucius Fox off waivers from the Baltimore Orioles. 

Unfazed by this, I saw Lue at church smiling, and I said to him, teams are waiving you around. However, he told me that he felt good and was ready to go. 

Spring Traning 2022:

At the same time, the players union and the club owners went into a standoff over a new deal for the players. However, things weren’t looking good; the owners locked out the players. The detail of this story is well known, delaying the start of the 2022 spring training season. 

Finally getting into his first 2022 spring game, Fox continued where he left off in 2021, going 1 for 2 with a home run. Again, he was hitting the ball well; at one point, he was 4 for 8. Moreover, when Fox went to triple-A, he was hitting .400 with 1HR, two doubles, and a single. 

Then came the good news:

Up Next Lucius Fox Jr

Fox Jr, Washington National, Photo by Mathew Carper

On 04/07/22, the Washington Nationals recalled SS Lucius Fox from Rochester Red Wings. Oh, happy day for local MLB fans. In this case, a player was placed on the D/L, making room for Lue to get the opening day call. 

Fox renewed chance at Opening Day roster (April 4) 

On Thursday, Lucius Fox embarked on a two-day drive from West Palm Beach, Fla., to Rochester, N.Y., to begin the season with the Triple-A Red Wings. On Sunday, he flew back to the Nationals’ training complex and another chance to make the Opening Day roster — and what would be his Major League debut. (by Jessica Camerato) 

Today was his MLB debut, and here are the highlights from the game.

Fox shows off his flair in his big league debut.

Lucius Fox after helping the Nats get their first win of the season – YouTube.

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