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Next Up, The Kid.

The Kid is an All-Star

Next up, The Kid. Jasrado Jazz Chisholm Jr, AKA the Kid. The whole nation was jumping for joy at the news that Jazz got the call to the Majors.

On September 1st, 2020, the Miami Marlin called up Jasrado Chisholm from their alternate spring training site. The seventh known player from the 700 Islands of the Bahamas to play in the MLB.

Soon as the news broke about Jazz. Before game time, most fans were looking for a way to watch the Marlins game that night and for the rest of this season. There were some subscribers to MLB.TV. So then, as he took the field to play short, local Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp started going off. Just in time for the first play of the inning; that was a line drive to Jazz at short. Hence every one had a photo of that play posted. We were all beaming with pride.

Next Up, The Kid 1st Hit.

Photo by Trevere Saunders click on image for video.


Jazz picked up his first career MLB hit on Sunday, September 6th, a line drive hit to right field. However, he was caught stealing on a pickoff play at first base. He did beat the throw to 2nd but dive past the bag for the out.

By the way, not to be outdone on offense. Jazz then went on to made the best play of the day. A blup line drive to shallow center. Jazz made an over the shoulder diving play that became the ESPN #1 top 10 plays of the day.

Jazz lays out Photo by (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara) CHRIS O’MEARA AP.

Jazz assertion to the MLB has filled in for the cancellation of the 2020 minor league season for me. In short, this eases some of my minor league pain.

Next Up

In summary, next up. Well Its a wait and see. In this case, we would like to see Lucius Fox Jr and Kristian Robinson; This season would be great, thanks.

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