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Nine Royals Among AL All-Star Voting Leaders

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball released an updated American League All-Star voting ballot result, for the July 14 game at Great American Ball Park.

Looking at the list, there are some familiar names, but there are at least one Royals player in each category with a total of nine representing the team.

The defending American League champs, who lead their central division by two games over the surging Minnesota Twins, have players represented in top 10 in eight offensive categories.  As a team, Kansas City is well represented as well as they are second in the league in Runs, Hits, Doubles, Triples, RBI, OBP and first in Average.

Below are the leaders in the AL balloting.


1. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers, 1,347,351
2. Eric Hosmer, Royals, 1,101,738
3. Mark Teixeira, Yankees, 342,788
4. Jose Abreu, White Sox, 222,288
5. Albert Pujols, Angels, 217,576


1. Jose Altuve, Astros, 1,301,754
2. Omar Infante, Royals, 715,345
3. Ian Kinsler, Tigers, 348,115
4. Devon Travis, Blue Jays, 320,572
5. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox, 320,420


1. Alcides Escobar, Royals, 1,191,268
2. Jose Iglesias, Tigers, 826,382
3. Marcus Semien, Athletics, 354,954
4. Jed Lowrie, Astros, 332,534
5. Jose Reyes, Blue Jays, 217,417


1. Mike Moustakas, Royals, 1,261,769
2. Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays, 876,586
3. Pablo Sandoval, Red Sox, 348,787
4. Manny Machado, Orioles, 266,746
5. Adrian Beltre, Rangers, 205,836


1. Salvador Perez, Royals, 1,447,753
2. Stephen Vogt, Athletics, 795,848
3. Russell Martin, Blue Jays, 395,192
4. Brian McCann, Yankees, 342,826
5. Caleb Joseph, Orioles, 205,568


1. Nelson Cruz, Mariners, 1,225,255
2. Kendrys Morales, Royals, 918,049
3. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 351,567
4. David Ortiz, Red Sox, 340,606
5. Victor Martinez, Tigers, 276,232


1. Lorenzo Cain, Royals, 1,376,217
2. Mike Trout, Angels, 1,297,085
3. Alex Gordon, Royals, 991,606
4. Adam Jones, Orioles, 981,926
5. Yoenis Cespedes, Tigers, 668,059
6. Alex Rios, Royals, 629,119
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, Yankees, 546,188
8. Jose Bautista, Blue Jays, 499,673
9. Michael Brantley, Indians, 484,548
10. Hanley Ramirez, Red Sox, 478,070
11. Josh Reddick, Athletics, 331,846
12. Brett Gardner, Yankees, 303,171
13. Carlos Beltran, Yankees, 288,674
14. J.D. Martinez, Tigers, 245,736
15. Mookie Betts, Red Sox, 241,279

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