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Off-season with Big Game James


Off-season with Big Game James; Off-season breaks are sometimes rear for a first-year minor league player. This Saturday, November 23rd, I caught up with minor leaguer James Big Papi Rolle (ask) “Big Game James” at the Freedom Farm baseball park watching a game where he grew up.

Playing in the Dominican Summer League

I asked him, James; How was your first minor league season? Not too bad, he said. I had to adjust and learn how to act like a ballplayer at that level. How? The first time I hit a fly ball, I got a cramp and jogged to first base. The second time I did that, was a fifty dollars fine. He said I never did that again; Eventually, told that you always run to your position, and you must run out every ball you hit.

Every day at that level of baseball was hard work; It was a daily grind. And I had to learn how to get tough fast and adapt to the new culture of baseball in the Dominican Summer League.

Late Start to my Season
Off-season with Big Game James

Orioles Minor Leaguer James Rolle:

Getting into the league a month and nine days after the season started, saw James assigned to the DLS Orioles1 July 8th, 2019, where he got one at-bat before moving to the DLS Orioles2 the next day.

The Baltimore Orioles signed free agent 1B James Rolle to a minor league contract on April 24th, 2019.

On July 9th, 2019, James started his first game for the DSL Orioles at first base, where he went 1 for 3.

Hungry and Egar to learn:
Baltimore Orioles signed free agent 1B James Rolle to a minor league contract

Big Game James Rolle:

I ask James how he was able to go down the DSL and start hitting the ball so quickly? He said his preparation at IElite Baseball Academy and his play in the Freedom Farm league along with the many showcases he went too.

Every day in the DSL was different; Furthermore, the pitchers threw the ball hard with good secondary pitches; they could hit spots. Hence, as a hitter, I also had to adjust my approach to the ball.

Off-season with Big Game James:
Off-season with Big Game James

Big Games James .286 Batting Average


James Rolle led his team in home runs with five and finished the season with a .286 batting average, which third on the DSL Orioles2. Whiles at home these few days, James gets in his work at IElte and spends Saturdays at the park watching baseball.

Finally, next up for Big Game James. The Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby in Paradise, January 4th, 2020. See you all in Paradise to the Big Show.

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