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On Deck Podcast Episode 3: Guest De Jota Cruz, Shares His Family’s Baseball Lineage And His Journey In The Game

Here at Legends on Deck we are always looking for ways to share some great content with our readers. Now we are adding a new and improved Podcast, as myself and Senior Editor Jake Berry, along with site contributor and creator of the Hardway Podcast, Jon Harder, unite to create the On Deck Podcast. We will talk everything and anything baseball, from the Minor Leagues to the Majors and anything in between. Just three guys having fun sharing our knowledge of the game.

For Episode 3 of the On Deck Podcast, Jon Harder and David Conde (Jake Berry was watching the National Championship football game) spotlight De Jota Cruz, an independent baseball standout from New York and residing now in Miami. Jon and David, discuss with De Jota about his family’s lineage in baseball, his first moment of joy on a baseball diamond, playing for Crown College, the Metrodome, and so much more. You can also find De Jota on Twitter @DeJotaCruz


Season 1, Episode 3

David Conde
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