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On Deck Podcast Episode 5: The Crew Discuss The MLB Free Agent Market, Possible Collusion, And Long Term Contracts

Here at Legends on Deck we are always looking for ways to share some great content with our readers. Now we’ve addd a new and improved Podcast, as myself and Senior Editor Jake Berry, along with site contributor and creator of the Hardway PodcastJon Harder, unite to create the On Deck Podcast. We will talk everything and anything baseball, from the Minor Leagues to the Majors and anything in between. Just three guys having fun sharing our knowledge of the game we love.

Jake brings his expertise in Sabermetrics to the show, while Jon shares his love for the Mets as well as his great knowledge of the game and its amazing players. As for me, I am the old guy of the bunch, just sharing what I know, and trying to keep up with the numbers.

Follow along as we talk almost everything you may want to know about the game, while having a good ole time, and with the occasional special guest to bring the game to life even more.

Season 1, Episode 5

In Episode 5 of the On Deck Podcast, Jake Berry, Jon Harder and myself discuss some of the signings done across baseball over the past few weeks, but Jon asks the big question: Is there collusion in baseball?, or as Jake thinks, there’s smarter front office work by general managers? Check out this week’s On Deck Podcast!

David Conde
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