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Here at Legends on Deck we are always looking for ways to share some great content with our readers. Now we are adding a new and improved Podcast, as myself and Senior Editor Jake Berry, along with site contributor and creator of the Hardway PodcastJon Harder, unite to create the On Deck Podcast. We will talk everything and anything baseball, from the Minor Leagues to the Majors and anything in between. Just three guys having fun sharing our knowledge of the game.

Jake brings his expertise in Sabermetrics to the show, while Jon shares his love for the Mets as well as his great knowledge of the game and its amazing players. As for me, I am the old guy of the bunch, just sharing what I know, and trying to keep up with the numbers.

Follow along as we talk almost everything you may want to know about the game, while having a good ole time, and with the occasional special guest to bring the game to life even more.


Season 1, Episode 1

In this debut episode, Jake Berry, Jon Harder, and David Conde talk about the epic Dodgers/Astros World Series, the 2017 off-season, the latest news on Giancarlo Stanton‘s possible trade from Miami, where Shohei Ohtani might be going in MLB, as well as the latest new managers in baseball, and statistics vs purists.


Season 1, Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the On Deck Podcast, David Conde, Jake Berry, and Jon Harder discuss the updates on the signing of Shohei Ohtani and the rumors of his apparent injured elbow; the Yankees adding Giancarlo Stanton to their already bolstered lineup, what in the world is up with the Marlins, as well as the boys favorite Winter Meeting signings, and Jake teaching Jon and Dave about the wonders of the International Bonus Pool Money fund.

After listening to our latest podcast, connect with us and give us your feedback about our content and/or share what you would like us to discuss in the upcoming episodes.


Season 1, Episode 3

In Episode 3 of the On Deck Podcast, Jon Harder and David Conde (Jake Berry was watching the National Championship football game) spotlight De Jota Cruz, an independent baseball standout from New York and residing now in Miami. Jon and David, discuss with De Jota about his family’s lineage in baseball, his first moment of joy on a baseball diamond, playing for Crown College, the Metrodome, and so much more. You can also find De Jota on Twitter @DeJotaCruz

Season 1, Episode 4

In Episode 4 of the On Deck Podcast, Jon Harder, Jake Berry and David Conde welcome Cleveland Indians prospect Todd Isaacs and Tampa Bay Rays prospect Lucius Fox, as they discuss growing up and playing baseball in the Bahamas as well as creating the Don’t Blink apparel company. Both young men discuss how important it is that the Bahamas becomes a new area for great baseball talent as well as their recent event the Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise.

You can find both ball players via Twitter @_TIsaacs10 @l_fox24 and @DontBlink242.

Season 1, Episode 5

In Episode 5 of the On Deck Podcast, Jake Berry, Jon Harder and David Conde discuss some of the signings done across baseball over the past few weeks, but Jon asks the big question: Is there collusion in baseball?, or as Jake thinks, there’s smarter front office work by general managers? Check out this week’s On Deck Podcast!

Season 1, Episode 6

Join Jon Harder and David Conde as they interview the great Neil Summers, a legendary scout from the Cincinnati Reds and the Toronto Blue Jays. Neil has amazing stories about Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Marge Schott, Pat Gillick, the ins and outs of scouting, and an incredible Steve Karsay story involving Scott Boras! Unbelievable interview! Then hang on til the end to listen as Jake Berry joins the team to discuss the beginning of Spring Training.

Season 1, Episode 7

Jake, Jon, and Dave return with the On Deck Podcast as they discuss OVER/UNDER certain statistics with certain players and teams. Also, Jon is happy about Endy Chavez on the independent league Somerset Patriots, Jake discusses traveling for Cactus League games, and Dave and Jon find a way to rant about the Mets.

Season 1, Episode 8

On this edition of the On Deck Podcast, Jon Harder and David Conde talk to Andrew Seymour, General Manager of the Palm Beach Cardinals, the Single-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. Mr. Seymour discusses his history of working in baseball, how being a General Manager in Minor League baseball is different from working in the MLB front office, different strategies on how to attract fans to the Florida State League, Tim Tebow’s drawing power, and so much more.

Season 1, Episode 9

With the first Podcast in nearly 4 months the On Deck Podcast has RETURNED with Jon Harder and Legends on Deck writers David Conde and Jake Berry as they talk about recent events in the game. Hope you enjoy because this is a fun listen.

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