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On the Road 2: Rays Lucius Fox Jr.

On the Road 2 Rays Lucius Fox Jr. I should write road trip part two, but the first road trip was intended to watch Lucius Fox play. Fox, who plays with the Durham Bull, played a three-game series against the Norfolk Tides.

Fox, who is the Rays #20 top prospect was in Norfolk to play against the Tides; It was an ideal time for a road trip for me to watch Him perform live for the first time.

In the meantime, along with our 9U team. We planned a trip to watch the Durham Bulls game that Friday Night. However, we had a change of plans for the kids.

Unplanned Road Trip to Tennessee:

Likewise, Saturday On the Road 2 Rays Lucius Fox Jr. was changed for me because I decided to watch Tahnaj Thomas’s game.

In this case, a trip to Tahnaj’s game and a quick turn around for Lucius game on Sunday; it was a lot of driving.

On the Road 2, Lucius Fox Jr. game time was 4:05 pm I was back around 10 am.

Not in the Lineup:

With Lucius not in the starting lineup. I took my seat behind the visiting Bulls dugout. Hoping to see if he gets in the game, maybe he would pinch-hit or run in the later innings.

Finally taking my seat, I ask a player for Him, and he told me that he was still in the clubhouse.

As the National Anthem sang, the teams lined up in front of their dugout.

Eventually, he asked his teammate, who was it that asked for him? And his teammate pointed me out, and he gave off a big Lucius Fox smile and a greeting after.

The Flood Gates open up:

After the first inning and a half, there was a sound of thunder and flashes of lighting. The umpire halted the game, and the grounds crew went to work covering the field. Followed by heavy wind and rain.

And so with no chance of watching Lucius Fox play on this trip, as I ran for the car in the parking lot soaking wet.

Well, my first road trip to watch Lucius play was rained out.

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