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Our View From HOME: The Ladies Share Their Stories

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

We are very excited to introduce a new feature, Our View From HOME.

When thinking about the journey of baseball players, most fans can only imagine what each of them go through during the grind. That is only part of their lives.

With that in mind, two months ago we decided to start From A Players Eyes, to give the fans the opportunity to read in the players own words about their journeys. But there is so much more to the stories.

In the minor leagues, the word HOME is meant to mean more than one would think. Most ball players think of their significant other as HOME. Home is where the heart is, where the comfort is, the safe haven. The ladies all know there is no greater support for the guys as they chase after the dream, than the support they receive from their HOME.

Our View From HOME, will share the stories from these amazing women who hold down the fort while having the ability to be supportive, and also the strength to do it all alone.

Stay tuned as a growing list of these superheroes are ready to share their stories right here at Legends on Deck.


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