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Pete Rose Alleged To Have Bet On Baseball As A Player

Media outlets on Monday have reported that documents were unveiled by ESPN’s “Outside The Lines,” alleging that Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player.

Rose has always denied that he ever bet on the game as a player, even though he admitted to doing so as a manager. The documents unveiled show that the hits king was betting on games in the late stages of his playing career, especially from March to July in 1986.

This information comes at a really bad time for Rose as he is slated to participate in the All-Star game festivities at the Reds’ Great American Ball Park.

Through his lawyer, Rose issued a statement to ESPN:

“Since we submitted the application earlier this year, we committed to MLB that we would not comment on specific matters relating to reinstatement. I need to maintain that. To be sure, I’m eager to sit down with Manfred to address my entire history — the good and the bad — and my long personal journey since baseball. That meeting likely will come sometime after the All-Star break. Therefore at this point, it’s not appropriate to comment on any specifics.”

MLB.com reports that the documents revealed were based on copies from a notebook that belonged to Michael Bertolini that were seized from his home during a raid in October 1989.

According to ESPN:

“[The notebook’s] authenticity has been verified by two people who took part in the raid, which was part of a mail fraud investigation and unrelated to gambling. For 26 years, the notebook has remained under court-ordered seal and is currently stored in the National Archives’ New York office, where officials have declined requests to release it publicly.”

Just when Commissioner Manfred was looking at possibly reinstating Rose, this information comes to light. Not a good sign for the hits king and all the people who supported him over the years.

Last winter Mike Schmidt wrote a post for the Associated Press where he shared his reasoning for wanting Major League Baseball to reinstate Rose.



Mike Schmidt (Gabe Rodriguez)

Here are some excerpts from his article:

“With 25 years of his sentence gone by, isn’t it time for a parole hearing? This wasn’t a capital crime. He placed a couple bets on his team, but never altered a game’s outcome.”

“Yes, this is a crime against baseball. But to make him an example as if he were some sort of criminal, or menace to society, is ridiculous.”

“Sure, there have been other personal issues with Pete’s open-book life of which he is not proud. But he’s 73 now, and at least his case should be re-examined for the sake of closure.”

“Don’t think for one minute I’m making excuses for Pete. He was and is guilty. I’m asking, hasn’t Pete been punished long enough?”

With what has come to light now and if proven to be true, would be interesting to see what Schmidt would have to say now and if he still agreed with MLB reinstating Rose.

Could this new information keep Rose out for good? Soon we will all know that answer.

Should MLB reinstate Pete Rose? Is this new alleged information enough to keep him out for good?

Share with us what you think.

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