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Proving The Love of Baseball Goes Beyond All Obstacles

While I was looking around the Twitter world this past weekend, I came across an amazing video of a young boy who back in 2008, at the age of 8, was captured playing baseball on only one leg. If someone told me about this young man, without seeing the video for myself, I probably wouldn’t think it was real. But I can honestly say Adam Bender proved that the love of the game goes beyond all obstacles.

When Adam, a Kentucky native, was one years old he was diagnosed with Cancer, and as a result his left leg was amputated. The procedure was done because he was born with a highly volatile malignant tumor that was embedded in his left thigh and since Chemotherapy was not working, the leg had to be removed to save his life.

What is even more amazing about this courageous young man is that he even played soccer, football and wrestled.

Now Adam Bender, who is a star Wrestler for his High School, is just a great American story of dedication and love for a sport and never looking at your inabilities but using them to strive towards greatness.

There are many that even with two legs aren’t motivated enough to be great, but to see a young man continue to live his life and succeed even if it beats the norm, is an amazing feat.

My oldest son’s little league manager said this weekend, “Baseball is the hardest sport to learn, but if you put all your effort into it and create a love for it, anything is possible.” I guess that is exactly what Adam Bender did even if his journey was a bit different from the rest of the kids his age.

See how this amazing young man became an inspiration at only eight years old.

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