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Ramblings From An Angry Mets Fan

I’m officially furious with the New York Mets.

Photo Credit: My Personal Library (Angry Mets Guys)

A 13-3 start. Everyone producing at the plate. Incredible starting pitching. An extremely solid bullpen. The team has been clicking on all cylinders.

Ever since the team had that record in mid-April, the Blue and Orange Brigade have gone 23-34. It officially holds true, as of 6/25/15 at 12:53 am, that the Mets are one game under .500. Such a promising start has flushed down the toilet.

This stinks. With a combination of injuries, an utter lack of production at the plate, an exhausted bullpen, and a seemingly speechless manager, the Mets need a jolt. The boys from Queens need a sudden jumpstart.

This isn’t the Wilpons’ fault. Nor is it all Sandy Alderson’s fault. I could complain that the Mets aren’t spending money, but that’s not how the “Moneyball” philosophy works, especially with an innovator of the strategy as General Manager. Regardless, the Mets need an electrical shock in the franchise to rejuvenate them.

In 2008, the Mets were 35-34 in Anaheim for an interleague series. With a loaded roster, the Mets needed to jolt the lineup, especially after a major collapse the year before with the Blue and Orange Brigade losing the NL East title on the last day of the season. At night, after a victory, GM Omar Minaya fired manager Willie Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson, and first base coach Tom Nieto. Ultimately, the Mets installed Jerry Manuel as manager and came with one game of making the playoffs. However, it helped the team perform better.

Now, its 7 years later, and the Mets haven’t sniffed the playoffs since. I can sense the fan base clamoring. I can feel the team’s disappointment. It’s still close. Will the Mets make a major change via a trade or a firing? Will it happen? Can it happen? Who knows. However, I think to save this season, something needs to.

If nothing does, I might do something I’d hate to do: I’ll have to turn off my radio for a little while to stop the pain. The Mets might be done. “2015 or Bust” might actually be busting at the seams, and it’s not a good feeling.

Good grief.


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