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Reporting to M.L.B Spring Training

Jazz Jr Lucius Jr

Reporting to M.L.B Spring Training. Jasrado Chisholm and Lucius Fox Jr will be the first two players from the Bahamas to be heading to the first day of spring training in decades. Plus, they are doing it in back to back seasons. Whiles last season, they were non-roster invitees; Hence, bout players were added to their team’s 40 man rosters the previous year before the rule 5 draft making them apart of their team’s rosters.

Jazz Chisholm Traded to the Marlins:
Reporting to Spring Training

Miami Marlins Jasrado Chisholm. Photo by Mathew Carper

The Miami Marlins traded for Chisholm.

Coming to Miami is like coming home for Chisholm. Because Miami is where most people from the Bahamas made their first international trip. Hence, Jazz family and friends will be able to make the 30 minutes flight to watch him play whenever he gets the call.

Lucius Fox Jr:
Reporting to Spring Training

Tampa Rays Lucius Fox Jr. Photo By Treaver Saunders

Tampa Rays, shortstop Lucius Fox Jr will start a new chapter in his run for the major leagues. Moreover, the Rays system has some good shortstop men. Which includes M.L.B’s top 100 prospect Wander Franco. For now, Fox is focusing on a healthy spring season. And to show his ability to play at the M.L.B level. Going into his fifth season. Lucius has moved up through the Rays system after getting acquired from the San Francisco Giants in a trade 2016.

Reporting to M.L.B Spring Training:

Reporting to M.L.B spring training next week, these two aspiring young players will blend into the sights and sounds of baseball spring training. Furthermore, as childhood friends growing up in the Bahamas. Playing baseball at Freedom Farm. Plus, being two of the younger players on their teams, they always had their eyes set on playing pro baseball, Eventually Major League level; What visions, what dreams.

So then, it was no surprise that bout players were apart of the Bahamas Cal Ripkin 70ft world series team in 2010. In this case, it was a first for the country — Also, both Lucius and Jazz when to play high school baseball in the USA. Eventually, they returned home in 2014 and finished high school at home.

International Signing Day July 2015:

After get cleared as international players, both Lucius and Jazz were signed in the July 2015 international draft. Then started playing in the 2016 season. Lucius went to single-A and Jazz went to Rookie. Generally, both players game advanced at the same pace. All the way up to an M.L.B team’s 40 man roster.


Enjoy the 2020 Major League Spring Training Guys.



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