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A-Rod Homers For 3,000th Hit

It has been a highly anticipated event, everyone anxiously awaited for New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez to get his 3,000th hit.


Credit: Gabe Rodriguez

On Friday night at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees took on the Detroit Tigers with Cy Young Award Winning pitcher Justin Verlander on the hill, A-Rod had hit four homers against him in the past and he did it again.

On the first pitch at Rodriguez’s-at bat in the bottom of the first, he hit a 95mph fastball to right center field, his thirteenth homerun of the season.

Not only was that hit number 3,000 for A-Rod but it was also RBI number 2,004  (4th all-time)  and his 667th homerun, making him fourth on the leader board for most homers hit.

The fan who caught Alex Rodriguez’s historic ball is no stranger to catching baseballs, author Zack Hample, who has caught around 8,000 baseballs which includes Mike Trout‘s first homerun and Barry Bond’s 724th as well. No speculation on whether he will be handing over the ball back to the New York Yankees and Rodriguez or not.

With that the Yankees took an early 1-0 lead over the Tigers in the first game of the weekend series.

Bethany Cohen
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