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Rodriguez Reports Early To Yanks Camp


A year without Alex Rodriguez meant a full season of focusing on the game alone.  But now the good times are over and the circus has returned to baseball.

On Monday, Rodriguez returned to the Yankees and arrived to their Spring Training home in Tampa and after getting his physical done he reported to the minor league complex a good three days before the rest of his teammates are due to report.

With the 39-year old third baseman being limited to only 44 games the last two seasons due to injuries and his suspension, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact AROD will have on the Yankees line up. Now if I had to be honest, I think baseball would be better off without Alex Rodriguez and all the non-baseball baggage he brings to the game. But without Derek Jeter in New York, the Bronx Bombers will need him more to help steal back page stories away from the Mets.

Other than that, I am sure he won’t be anything special in 2015, even if his recent written apology to the fans seemed to be sincere.  I guess if you want to be loved again, you have to show that you have some sympathy for how people feel. But it just may be too late for that and this may just be his last hurrah in a game that has tried to move on without him.

As you can read from my post, I am not a fan of Alex Rodriguez.  He once had my full attention with how he played the game, but it takes more than just being a great baseball player, you have to have some integrity and respect the opportunities that have been given.  Now do I feel that he is such a bad guy, not at all, he is just someone that may be misunderstood, and I am one of those that just doesn’t understand him.  My hope is that the distractions are minimal and the games take center stage and whatever happens, however he performs, at the end of the day, it’s all about our National Pastime only.

As a fan of the game, all I really care for is to have ball players that respect what they do and just leave it all on the field. Just do it for the “Love of the Game.”


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