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Sandy Alderson Needs To Go


Sandy Alderson needs to go.

Look, I understand that it’s a blunt statement. I know he’s rebuilt the entire minor league system. I understand the fact he practically developed the concept of Moneyball. I understand the Mets General Manager is a genius, at times, with his philosophy. But, enough is enough.

The past 24 hours have been an utter and complete PR nightmare for Mets fans and staff. As reported, Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler were to be traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for former Met and passionate outfielder Carlos Gomez. This was a trade that would have given the Flushing faithful a much needed jolt in their lineup. The fan base was stoked and circled all around the media. This was a done deal.

And then…nothing. Flores was left out to dry, and coincidentally cry, at shortstop. Terry Collins was clueless. The fans were perplexed. Why hadn’t Flores left the field? Why wasn’t there an official announcement through the Mets social media page? It was everywhere else.

That’s because Sandy Alderson killed the deal.

Reports circulated around Twitter that the Mets killed the deal, because of a medical situation revolving around the hip of Gomez. WELL, that isn’t entirely the case.

According to Tom Haudricourt from the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee, the Mets, besides getting Gomez, wanted the Brewers’ 2016 Competitive Balance Round B pick, which was declined. The Mets then tried to ask for cash considerations to cover some of the salary that Gomez would need to be paid, including $9 million next year, which was also declined.

Haudricourt then wrote, “It was only then, according to the source, that the Mets came back and said they were calling off the deal because of concerns over Gomez’s medical records, which was their right all along. Any team can call off a deal over medical concerns before it becomes official.”

The bottom line is simple: Alderson got greedy.

Sandy Alderson has been the man behind building this Mets organization over the past few years. He has cut payroll due to the issues with the Wilpons and Bernie Madoff. The fan base has been clamoring for an impact player for years, whether it’s Gomez, Nelson Cruz, Jose Reyes, or Troy Tulowitzki. Instead, we’ve gotten Chris Young, Michael Cuddyer, and multiple instances of Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Although they have a phenomenal starting rotation, the Mets have NO BATS. Alderson has attempted to play the game of Moneyball with bit parts to fill roles. With the exception of Curtis Granderson and Daniel Murphy, it has been an absolute chore to watch the Mets at the plate. It has to be extremely frustrating, especially for Terry Collins.

Speaking of Collins, for a manager that has no knowledge of trades or signings, he has somehow kept this team together and not against him for 5 seasons. It has been a miracle that Collins has kept team chemistry to where it is. With no true knowledge of what’s going on in the front office, I commend him for his incredible job as manager. He stands up for his players and tries to bring the absolute best in each and every athlete wearing a uniform. I just feel that Alderson hangs Collins out to dry on a consistent basis.

Fans are fed up with Alderson. Some fans have compared him to former New York Jets (football) General Manager John Idzik. They are sick of him standing back and letting this team take the field and struggle at the plate. They are upset over the comments about him having the money to spend on talent and not doing it, especially since Alderson has turned a profit for the Wilpon family each year as General Manager since 2011 and none of the money is going towards high-priced talent. Most of all, they are sick of the vague comments about the status of the ball club and not trying to change the perception of the franchise from perennial losers into contenders.

I am one of those fans. I know that a few months ago, I said the Mets needed a jolt. I was wrong about Terry Collins being the one to go. It needs to be Sandy Alderson. It needs to be now.

If it doesn’t, the permanent status quo of the New York Mets will always be one of mediocrity. The Mets faithful don’t deserve it. Seven years is enough time to rebuild.

Sandy Alderson needs to go.

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  1. Steve

    September 11, 2015 at 2:26 PM

    How you feeling about this post now? Sorry…had to ask:)

    • David Conde

      September 11, 2015 at 4:17 PM

      I am sure at the time the writer along with countless Mets fans felt the same way. But Alderson has done what all Mets has expected him to do all along. So finally he is listening.

      • Steve

        September 11, 2015 at 8:43 PM

        So you think he made the moves because he was “listening” to Mets fans (except for firing himself) and not just following his long term plan all along? Lets give him some credit and enjoy this team he is building for us. Looks like in retrospect he might have been right about Gomez.

        • David Conde

          September 11, 2015 at 8:50 PM

          I think that he his plans in bringing in guys like Chris Young and Mayberry backfired greatly and do I believe he listens to the fans, in some respect I do bit obviously not in looking to fire him. Hey I give credit where it is due. I never like Terry Collins but he is finally pushing the right buttons and it doesn’t hurt to have a player like Cespedes but it takes a team and they are all doing well at the right time. I’ll give Sandy credit, didnt like the way they handled Tejada last year or even Flores this year. But the Gomez deal thank God fell through and they landed a gem. So yes he foes get credit for that. Hopefully he can seal the deal and he can keep him for years to come.

          • Steve

            September 11, 2015 at 9:04 PM

            Its hard to say how much Sandy has been handcuffed by ownership in the past — so I think our input as fans may be helpful for him in persuading ownership to make some moves — I’m not so sure about him listening directly to fans — he would not be a good GM over time if thats what he did, but to the extent us we can push things along with ownership and that aligns with the GM’s own plans, then it may be a good thing. Certainly agree with you about Young and Mayberry — lets hope we don’t have to go down such cheapo routes in the future. I was down on Sandy for Granderson too…but now, what a year he is having…

          • Jon Harder

            September 12, 2015 at 11:28 AM

            Hi, the author of the article here. I still agree a lot of this assessment. The Cespedes trade was made due to the fact that Alderson felt a lot of pressure from the fan base to make a big deal after the Gomez debacle. It has been stated that Cespedes is not what Alderson wanted for his team and it killed him to trade Fulmer. Cespedes is anti-Moneyball mentality.

            Opinion, and again MY opinion, Alderson needs to prove himself in the offseason to really change my mind. He has to stray away from his norm and go with results and resign Cespedes and get one more big bat and bullpen guy. If he lives up to his quotes of the pursestrings being open, I will go and change my mind. Until then, my mind stays the same.

            Thanks for reading the article. Much appreciated on the feedback.

          • Steve

            September 14, 2015 at 5:43 AM

            Jon – thanks for the response. I hear you, but you know the GM is generally not the guy that doesn’t want to open the purse strings — its not his money — he wants to put the best team on the field — so I dont think you can necessarily judge him by just signing players at high prices in the off season — that is ultimately up to ownership. The GM is actually on the same side of the table as we are — he just has a budget to work with. Overall, my feeling is that too much blame was put at Alderson’s doorstep in the past just like too much credit is probably being given to him today.

            BTW, I am a huge Cespedes fan, always have been — would like to hear thoughts on Passan’s latest missive: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/10-degrees–why-the-red-hot-yoenis-cespedes-may-not-come-back-to-new-york-031306612.html

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