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Say It Aint So Beltran, Say It Aint So!

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Wow!, is all I can muster after learning that the New York Mets newest Manager, Carlos Beltran, will be stepping down as the Queens skipper before his first season ever gets started. I am stunned and so disappointed.

Beltran has always been my favorite ball player from his days as a Met, and I always gave him the benefit of doubt even when other fans did not. But this newest baseball scandal has me speechless and seriously annoyed.

I was looking forward to seeing Beltran back with the Mets after both parted ways in 2011. I felt that coming back to manage the team would be a great welcome back party and smooth out any ill-feelings the fans or ownership may have had with him. This was supposed to be the season that that we hoped would lead to a playoff berth and possibly a World Series Title. Well one could dream and being a suffering Mets fan for so long, all we have are dreams. But Beltran was coming to the Mets with a resume of winning and also a reputation to be able to relate to the younger ball players.  It is exactly what the Mets needed. He would have come with the experience of playing with the best and this season was going to be a test for him, but an exciting one for his true fans.

Now we can only wonder what could have been. And this whole baseball scandal has left such a bad taste in the mouths of so many fans and possibly even other teams. Can you imagine if no punishment was given, how this may have been the new norm and more teams joining on board to steal away wins.  Obviously, that is not something we want in the game and it’s good it all came out, but as a fan of Beltran, I am just really disappointed that he was part of it and who knows, he may have even brought that thinking to the Mets and ruined the game for so many of the younger ball players.  That can not be the only way to win games.

Here are his comments to the NY Post and ESPN:

“Over my 20 years in the game, I’ve always taken pride in being a leader and doing things the right way, and in this situation, I failed.

“As a veteran player on the team I should’ve recognized the severity of the issue and truly regret the actions that were taken. I am a man of faith and integrity and what took place did not demonstrate those characteristics that are so very important to me and my family.

“I’m very sorry. It’s not who I am as a father, a husband, a teammate and as an educator. The Mets organization and I mutually agreed to part ways, moving forward for the greater good with no further distractions. I hope that at some point in time, I’ll have the opportunity to return to this game that I love so much.”

I am sure he feels remorseful now that it has all come out.  Even agreeing with the Mets to part ways. But it has really upset the fans and has given another black eye to the game. When will these guys realize every action they take, there are repercussions and most fans are not easily forgiving. Yes we all make mistakes in life, but to cheat in a way that discredits the game, there is no room for that in baseball.

Say it Aint So Carlos Beltran, Say It Aint So!!!!


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