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Should The Mets Name Brandon Nimmo As Their Next Captain?

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“Four days before Christmas, and my true love gave to me – A New Yankees Captain.”

That is what all Yankees fans are probably singing these past two days and with great reason as the Yankees announced on Wednesday, that Aaron Judge will be the 16th Yankee to wear the C on his jersey. Not sure the Yankees actually add a the letter to the jersey but he will be known all around baseball as the next leader of the franchise. A great choice for the club as Judge has led by example on and off the field as the best person to be that guy.

Now over on the other side of the city, the New York Mets have not had a captain since 2018, as David Wright hung up the cleats and ended his tenure that lasted from 2013-2018 as the leader in the clubhouse.

So is it time to name the 5th Captain of the franchise and if so, who should it be?

If I had a selection, it would be Brandon Nimmo.

My reasons: well there are many but what stands out is that he plays the game with grit and hustle and never do you see him complain.  He goes about his routine every day as he prepares to be ready to play. He has the respect of the fans as he is always upbeat and positive and looking to bring joy to so many. I am not in the clubhouse, but how could he not have the respect of his fellow ball players, the kid does all that he is asked to do and isn’t negative at all.

I have seen him grow through the minor league levels; seen how he is with his teammates; how they respond to him and how he has garnered the respect of all he comes in contact with.

If you think about other captains before him, they were impactive players on the field, but most of all they were the right men to be the leaders for the clubs. No better Mets Captains, then the four prior, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, John Franco and David Wright. They led on the field and earned the respect of their team, management and other ball clubs. They led by teaching the younger ball players how to grow in the game. each of the four were mentors to so many.

To me, Brandon Nimmo fits the bill as to what a Captain is all about. The fact that the kid chose to come back to the team that drafted him and gave him the opportunity to shine on the biggest stage in the game. That was the easy part, but the tough part came as to how he would respond and grow. From the first hustle down the line on a walk to the last one in 2022, Nimmo has shown us how this game is supposed to be played from beginning to end, with no excuses.

Its been seven seasons that Mets fans have been able to enjoy watching him play this game the right way and now we all get to watch him play for at least eight more in the orange and blue, so what better than to add the C to his jersey and make him the 5th Captain in Mets history. It seems to me like a perfect fit.



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