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Spring Training Less Than A Week Away


Breaking News! They are coming! The boys of summer are almost back.

Exciting news, Yes, and more so for the thousands of baseball fans that are tired of all of the snow that keeps piling on this winter.

When I lived up north, the start of spring training always warmed me up even if it was below freezing outside and the streets covered with snow. I knew that in no time, the teams would be heading to their home cities to start a new baseball season.

So even though some fans are still thawing out, the 2015 season is about to take flight in just under a week.

Now I have to say that moving south was a great move nearly nine years ago and not just to escape the grueling winters that the country has experienced over the years, but because major league camps are right in my backyard and any sound of balls hitting gloves or even bats is music to my ears.

I am just an excited fan waiting to get this new season going and with all the hype surrounding player comebacks, teams trying to build dynasty’s and just plain ole baseball, the 2015 season is cranking up to be one of the best, if not thee best in baseball history.

Play Ball!!

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