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Spring Training Report Dates

Photo By, Gabe Rodriguez/Legends On Deck

Photo By, Gabe Rodriguez/Legends On Deck

For most if not all baseball fans, January is the most difficult month to get through.  But when you see that MLB announces spring training report dates, it makes dealing with the winter a bit more bearable.

We are still a bit away, but we are much closer today than we were yesterday.  The first date listed is for pitchers/catchers and the second is for full squad.


Baltimore Orioles – February  14th, February 17th
Boston Red Sox – February 14th, February 17th
Chicago White Sox – February 14, February 18th
Cleveland Indians – February 14, February 19th
Detroit Tigers – February 14th, February 18th
Houston Astros – February 15th, February 18th
Kansas City Royals – February 14th, February 17th
Los Angeles Angels – February 15th, February 18th
Minnesota Twins – February 15th, February 19th
New York Yankees – February 15th, February 19th
Oakland A’s – February 15th, February 19th
Seattle Mariners – February 15th, February 19th
Tampa Bay Rays – February 14th, February 19th
Texas Rangers – February 15th, February 21st
Toronto Blue Jays – February 15th, February 18th


Arizona Diamondbacks – February 14th, February 17th
Atlanta Braves – February 15th, February 18th
Chicago Cubs – February 15th, February 18th
Cincinnati Reds – February 14th, February 17th
Colorado Rockies – February 14th, February 20th
Los Angeles Dodgers – February 16th, February 21st
Miami Marlins – February 14th, February 17th
Milwaukee Brewers – February 15th, February 18th
New York Mets – February 14th, February 19th
Philadelphia Phillies – February 14th, February 17th
Pittsburgh Pirates – February 14th, February 17th
St. Louis Cardinals – February 14th, February 17th
San Diego Padres – February 15th, February 18th
San Francisco Giants – February 14th, February 17th
Washington Nationals – February 16th, February 19th

*Dates are subject to change according to MLB.com

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