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The Case For Dick Allen

Dick Allen

One of my first sports heroes missed being inducted to the Baseball Hall Of Fame last week by one vote via the 10 player “Golden Era” ballot. Never mind the fact that he already should have been inducted years ago. A .292 career average with 351 home runs, 1,119 RBI and the most incredible season I’ve ever seen in 1972 when he was named American League MVP.

Dick (sometimes called Richie, sometimes called Rich) was Reggie Jackson before Reggie became REGGIE. A controversial slugger who loved horses and home runs and hated talking to the media (especially about himself, unlike Mr. October), I would induct him based only on that ’72 season .308 avg, 37 home runs and 113 RBI, one of three times he had over 100 in a season, in an era pre-steroids when that was a significant stat. Plus his 7-11 Slurpee cup was the first one I got in the spring of 1973. That has to count for something. If he eventually is elected, I will be in Cooperstown for the induction if only to hear his speech. I have a feeling he will make up for lost time when he didn’t talk.

And so I can raise a Slurpee cup to his greatness….Dick Allen.jpg3

Brian is a Boston native and art school student who took a summer job with a baseball team and never left. He has been employed by the Boston Red Sox in one capacity or another since 1982. He also follows and blogs college basketball. Follow him on Twitter @BostonBrian2015

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