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The Kid An All-Star

The Kid An All-Star

What can I say? The Kid is an All-Star. Call him what you want; Jazz Chisholm Jr knew he would be an All-Star some day. 

Confidence is an overstatement: 

A young Jazz believed he could hit any pitcher out of the park. So, he would come home every off-season to see how far he could hit the ball of his coach (Greg Jr.) and any other who would dare to pitch to him. So, at the age of 8yrs old, coaches had to contend with this Kid in the 12U division and his confidence. 

Small in stature with a big bat was The Kid Jazz Chisholm. As the youngest member of the Bahamas’ 2009 Cal Ripken World Series team, he was swinging for the fences and watching to see where the ball would land before rounding the bases. 

I am going to the Major League:

The Kid is an All-Star

2022 National League All-Star The Kids, Jazz Chisholm Jr.

After a bold prediction by this 11yr old Kid, we quickly saw reality beginning to happen as the DBack signed Jazz five years later; on July 2nd, 2005, International players signing day.  

The Road to the MLB:  

Jazz The Kid Chisholm’s Road to the MLB was quick; he wasted no time on the road to the MLB. Here are some routes he took; in 2016, Pioneer Rookies League, 2017; Mid-West League Single-A, 2018; Mid-West League then California League Advance-A, 2019; California League then Southern League, Double-A. Later that year, he was traded to the Marlins. Florida State League, Double-A. Do not look now; the Kids jumped from Double-A to the Majors.  

Jazz became the 8th known player from the Bahama Islands to make it to the MLB. Oh, happy day for local MLB fans. Hence, He made it to the MLB within five years, skipping Triple-A. 

The Kid is an All-Star: 

Jazz Chisholm Jr of the Miami Marlins was voted the starting second baseman for the National League All-Stars. However, we found out that he will not play in the All-Star with his injury. Most likely, with his presence at the game, I am sure he is still enjoying himself. Mixing it up with childhood idols and enjoying the spotlight is what the Kid enjoys the most. 

Additionally, Jazz brings fun back to the game along with the many up-and-coming young stars in the MLB today. Furthermore, with the clean fun in the game, more and more kids from the Island want to be like Jazz. By all means, most kids in the game are aiming for the spotlights of the MLB. 

After MLB All-Star:

I love seeing friends reunited at the #AllStarGame Ronald Acuna Jr & Jazz Chisholm Jr

After the MLB All-Star, we, the fans, are looking forward to The Kid picking back up where he left off before going on the D/L. We are waiting for you, Kid.

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