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The Rapid Growth of Pro Players

The Rapid Growth of Pro Players

The Rapid Growth of Pro Players in the Bahamas had a different rebirth. The Bahamas Baseball Federation formed in 2003. For one reason, to steering baseball into a new direction; A new beginning—a new road map for the sport that once had its glory days in the 50s, 60s, 70, & 80s in the Islands. It was time to reclaim it.

Hence, the statement from the then-new president: “Let us flood the minor league until one breaks through.” To tell the truth, what a great idea; How will we do that? Here is how. We will start a junior national program with one big national tournament with all of the Islands that play the game.

For example, from 1954 and 1986, there were 42 plus known players from the islands to play in the minor leagues of baseball; Five made it to the majors. Whereas from 1990 to the present, there are also 42 known players, and one made it to the majors. Except for Angelo Burrows; All of the players played in the junior nationals.

The Rapid Growth of Pro Players in the Bahamas:

Geron Sands & Greg Burrows Jr. Photo by Mark Mauno Flickr

Patrick Kinmarn, an article Published, June 17, 2007, with the headline. GBL rookies put the Bahamas on the map. However, at that same time, Antoan Richardson was playing in the minors.

Here are excerpts from that article:

As for many players in the independent Golden Baseball League. The pressure of trying to land a contract in a big-league farm system is hard enough to handle on its own.

That’s what is so impressive about St. George Roadrunners outfielder Greg Burrows. Understanding the role he is playing in helping his home nation, gain notoriety as an untapped pool of solid baseball talent.

Burrows, along with St. George’s teammate and longtime friend Geron Sands, isn’t just content to be proudly listed on the team’s roster, the group of islands as his residence. A rookie fresh off a two-year University career. Burrows views his drive to go as far as he can up the professional ranks as a mission of sorts. To help the Bahamas achieve a reputation similar to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

“This is an opportunity for the people behind me,” he said in his thick island accent about young players in the Bahamas. ”

However, growing up in Nassau, the commonwealth’s capital, Burrows was familiar with infamous Cincinnati Reds outfielder Ed Armbrister. (click for full article).

Mission accomplished:

Greg Burrows Jr & Geron Sands. Photo by Mark Mauno Flickr

Eventually, returning home from pro baseball. Together with a few minor league players and started their dream of making their Island a prospect hub, starting with Maximum Baseball Development Academy (MAXD).

In 2005, MAXD introduced to the baseball world three of its first products. Lucius Fox Jr, Jasrado Chisholm, and Larry Alcime. Furthermore, Lucius Fox Jr signing was heading turning for the local community. Eventually, Fox Jr and Chisholm are now both on their teams 40 man rosters and top 30 prospects list.

Indeed, these signing started talks among baseball scouts. (Another way to put it)It was time to start looking at the Bahamas. Not to mention this, but four players were signing on that day. So there was a big buzz on the Island.

Dreams & Visions, they do come through:

As an illustration, in thoughts and words. Bout Greg Burrows Jr and Geron Sands have the two most notice baseball academies in the nation. Sands now heads the International (IElite) Baseball Academy, along with former minor leaguer Albert Cartwright Jr, and there is MAXD, Head by Greg Burrows Jr & Clarance McKenzie Jr. There are other smaller ones in the country.

Notably today, the dreams and visions of 2001 have been accomplished—seventeen plus players in five years. Moreover, six made it to their team’s top 30 prospects list.

In the meantime, the scouts are coming, and we are sending the minor league players, as the article said.

Above all, one has broken through, and every major league team scouts have embraced these Islands.

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