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The Red Knight Mike Trout

The ЯΞD night is darkest just before the dawn. The Age of Trout-tron.


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In baseball, it doesn’t get much more frustrating than having the talent yet still not being able to sniff the postseason. Caped crusaders are supposed to crash parties, invited or not. The Angels starting rotation hasn’t been in the right place at the right time in quite some time. Sometimes it’s actually in an entirely different time zone. Making superhuman efforts by our local ЯΞD Knight seem nearly nullified because of high ERA’s. Billy and Arte have countered with even more offense, trying to outscore opponents after striking out on big name arms; leaning on a solid defense in the absence of any sure thing on the mound. Astros… are still trying to lift off again in Houston, while other AL West rivals like Texas and Seattle continue to build, literally and figuratively.

Then there’s Oakland… but the Angels do have holes at catcher filled with Jason Castro plus seemingly acid-free framer Max Stassi, their All-Star second baseman Tommy La Stella back, and maybe the best infield defense in baseball with Rendon sliding in next to Simba on the left side. Add Shohei, returning arms like Keynan Middleton, and additions like former Oriole Dylan Bundy and Brave Julio Terehan, the Angels have hope again to stay just close enough to let their expensive world class offense work.

Imagine facing multiple guys who get on base nearly half the time they bat. One of those guys is named Anthony Rendon. It remains to be seen if Rendon’s hands slow down at all from the weight of his ring. What other measuring stick means more than that? Jewelry rocks. Gotta go, Jo Adell is knocking at the door too.


Great looking ball player, bigger than Mantle, sometimes bigger than life…2016 Vin Scully on Mike Trout

Oh, and the Angels still have him. That Dude.

The one who won a Third Most Valuable Player award in the American League after missing the last month of the 2019 season with a foot injury. That was after he played through it for several weeks, still launching bombs into the Anaheim dark or sometimes red night. Yep, him. “I’m playing,” words echoing through time as Mike Trout solidified his long understated place as baseball’s public fan conscience. People often wait for him to reply to put the MLB’s plans into perspective. From the cheating scandal to Manfred’s comments about the player “needing to be involved” to help market the game. When the widely respected “best player” talks, people and players tend to take notice. 


Sportsbook William Hill U.S. has Trout as the 2-1 favorite to win his second straight MVP award and fourth of his career. New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge is next at 8-1, followed by Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor at 10-1.David Purdum ESPN 7/23

Mike Trout sees the impending sprint to a finish, with as much on the mound behind him as ever, and even more arsenal to conquer pitchers with. Clutch proven performers like Anthony Rendon and David Fletcher make Trout’s chances more team-based than hop-on-his-shoulders based for the first legitimate time since 2014. That was the year Garrett Richards emerged as an Ace, and Jered Weaver was at his most especially deceptive gamer self. Richards is a Padre with a serious mustache, and Dream Weaver is long since retired after a similar path through San Diego. Fast forward to Griffin Canning learning more outing by outing, Andrew Heaney becoming the rotation leader in the wake of last years tragedy, and that guy named Ohtani- back on the bump. Suddenly, the Angels chances go from “some ole” to “just maybe…” sprinkle in a bit of Joe Maddon magic and the stew might be ready for the Angels to make another improbable fulfilling run. Putting the most clutch hitter in baseball behind the best hitter period has to be healthy for your run production, doesn’t it? Let’s just hope Rendon doesn’t get ЯΞD cape-face, his health will be an enormous factor. Mike Trout may not win an All-Star Game MVP again this year, but that doesn’t mean his laser eyes lose any focus on other goals. Gold gloves. World Series Championships. Because the baseball world needs a savior. After negotiations went publicly sour, and just before another CBA round that is sure to be equally as nauseating, Trout can represent the love people still have for the game. Both in his jersey color and level of compassion for fans in every way. He isn’t the hero we asked for, he’s the one who could care less then still save the day.

Here’s how it’s determined, win or lose. Can the rest of the Angels transform too?

Catches on wall scales at deep out-field fences,

Homers launched from low off speed mis-take pitches,

A steal from a swim move and see, that’s the thing-

Mike Trout is still the all-around best in the game.


MLB.com That Dude.




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