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This off-season at Home

Off season with Afernee Seymour

This off-season at home in the Bahamas with a Marlins Outfielder. I spent this Saturday with Marlins minor league player Anfernee Seymour, as he did his workouts at the field where he grew up. (Freedom Farm Baseball Fields).

We spoke before, and after I hit some ground ball to him (lots of ground balls). Talking about his 2019 season as I followed him all season long, so we were able to share related stories.

2019 season, going for career hits # 500.

He entered into his sixth season needing 81 hits for career hits number 500. Unfortunately, he was only able to collect 72 hits coming up nine short of 500.

Seymour told me he tried to make every at-bat count in the last week of the season. But he was unable to pull off that 82 hits season.

2019 Season:

Entering the 2019 season was Anfernee’s six-season in the minor leagues of baseball, making him the longest active player in the Bahamas playing at that level right now. After a slow start to the season, he picked up his game and started to show off his baseball skills in the outfield, his ability to ran down the fly ball, and his strong arm also.

He was playing in a four-person outfield rotation all season. And Seymour saw his playing time reduced to less than the other outfielders and saw up to 100 plus fewer at-bats than they. He was able to finish the season with the third-best batting average of players who had over 200 plate appearances, and seventh overall on the team with a 261 batting average.

This off Season at Home in the Bahamas with Marlins Anfernee Seymour

Marlins Anfernee Seymour:

This off-season at home in the Bahamas with Marlins Outfielder Anfernee Seymour.

This off-season for Anfernee will see him working out at his old stamping grounds, Freedom Farm Baseball fields. With no off-season league invites this summer, he will put in a lot of work with some of the other minor league players at home.

“I came home to work on my game Seymour said, that will get me to the next level,” so I have to put in the work on the field. Drafted as a shortstop out of high school in Florida, Seymour was moved to the outfield after he was traded to Braves and didn’t miss a beat.

As a result of this move by the Braves. On Seymour’s return to the Marlins, he continued to play the outfield.

Marlins traded for Jazz Chisholm:

As the Miami Marlins started to look for some defensive help. They went after first baseman Lewin Diaz, outfielder Jesus Sanchez, and shortstop Jazz Chisholm.

However, Sanchez went to triple-A whiles Diaz and Chisholm to double-A. Chisholm joins fellow childhood friend Anfernee Seymour whom both played in the same league as kids in the Bahamas.

Anfernee is looking for good things for Chisholm and Diaz, as he is also working towards his upward movement, doing whatever it takes.

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