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Top Catching Prospects: National League West

Top Catching Prospects of the National League West

Finishing up the top catching prospects in baseball, I will take a look at the National League West.  If you missed any of the previous posts you can find them all here:

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1. Andrew Susac, San Francisco Giants – A second-round pick in the 2011 draft from Oregon State, Susac got into 35 games with the Giants in 2014, but he managed to retain his prospect status.  Susac projects as a fringe average hitter with average pop and he should hit .270/.330/.440 with 14-18 home runs.  Defensively he is an average receiver with an above average arm.  There’s a good chance Susac breaks camp with the Giants in 2015, and since Posey will be playing other positions (first base and third base) in addition to catcher, that would leave plenty of starts for Susac.

2. Tom Murphy, Colorado Rockies – Murphy had a lost 2014 due to a shoulder injury.  When healthy he projects as an average hitter with above average power.  I think he’ll hit .280/.340/.450 with 16-20 home runs. Defensively he projects as an above average receiver with an average arm.  Murphy, although may have a higher ceiling than Susac, will likely start the season in Double-A with Susac having a clear shot at regular playing time at the MLB level.

3. Peter O’Brien, Arizona Diamondbacks – Traded to Arizona at the deadline from the Yankees,  O’Brien has big power but his aggressive approach leads to low walk totals, and a lot of strikeouts.  He projects as a fringe average hitter, with plus power and could hit .260/.300/.450.  Defensively he’s a fringe average receiver with a fringe average arm.  The Diamondbacks didn’t bring in a veteran catcher this winter like most expected they would,  and appear ready to run with O’Brien either to start the year or once he clears the super 2 deadline.

4. Austin Hedges, San Diego Padres – Hedges has been a fixture atop many prospect lists the last couple of seasons because he’s an excellent receiver with a plus, plus arm.  Offensively he projects as a below average hitter with below average power, and we should see a line of .260/.300/.390, with 10+ home runs.

5. Dom Nunez, Colorado Rockies – A converted SS, the 20-year old hasn’t made it above rookie ball yet.  He has a sweet left handed stroke that produces a lot of line drives, and projects as an above average to plus hitter with below average power.  He has .290/.350/.420 potential with 10-14 home runs. Defensively he’s rough around the edges but he projects as an average receiver with a strong arm.  He just needs reps at the position.


6. Aramis Garcia, San Francisco Giants – I’m doing a 6th here because I wanted to include Aramis Garcia.  A second-round pick in the 2014 draft, he was heralded as a bat first prospect who smacks line drives all over the yard.  He has struggled in his first look at pro pitching, but he has time to figure it out.  He projects as above average hitter with average power and if he reaches his potential we could see .290/.350/.440 with 14-18 home runs.  Defensively he projects as a fringe average receiver with a strong arm.



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