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Tweets of Traded Players

It is always interesting to see what players have to say in the Twitterverse after learning they were traded to a different team.  Wednesday saw two noteworthy trades involving Evan Gattis, Yunel Escobar, Tyler Clippard, and prospects receiving new addresses.

Here are some tweets from some of the players involved.

Evan Gattis and James Hoyt traded to Astros for Michael Foltynewicz, Rio Ruiz, and Andrew Thurman

Yunel Escobar traded to Nationals for Tyler Clippard


The business side of baseball has to be difficult for the players involved. The thrill of being drafted by an organization and never getting the chance to show them why.  For Escobar, this is his second trade in less than a week.  Hopefully for him and his family they didn’t find a place to live yet in Oakland.

I am sure there are more moves that will be made prior to the start of spring training, which is just about a month away, and we will be here to share different views of everything.


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