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Waiting For That Elusive MLB Promotion

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Photo by: David Conde/LOD

Before I decided to pursue my hobby of writing about our National Pastime, I was just a fan of this amazing game, sitting in the stands and watching with awe the players I wished I could have a chat with one day.  Just talk about the game and how great it truly is.

But then I ventured into a world that I didn’t understand, as I was given the opportunity to enter into the world of Major League Baseball. I experienced a professional club house, player interviews, manager press conferences, and learned how it all truly works.

I can honestly say that sometimes I wish I was just a fan again and didn’t have the access I have.  Sometimes it isn’t fun to hear the stories that go on behind the scenes and experience the journey’s of so many men trying to reach the big time, the show, the biggest stage on the baseball planet. Sometimes I wish I can just go back to not knowing it all and just watching a game with the innocence of being a fan, but I can’t, it’s already embedded in me, so I push on hoping that maybe the power of the pen can help to bring attention to the real stories of the game.

I can say I’ve been blessed to have met some talented young ball players that all they seek is the opportunity to say they did it, they made it and have fulfilled their dreams. Then there are those that continue on the journey with the hope for one last shot because the big club says that they are part of the process.

But what part of the process is that really? Is it just the part where players are pushed along like cattle just so the organization can fill teams.  What if the many players that are given false promises decide to just hang it up and give up, then where does that put the organization?  Are the players that are not on the 40-man roster or considered a top prospect, are those players ever considered for an opportunity or is it the point of an organization to keep them guessing just to prove a point? And what is that point?

It does take an elite group of men to make it to the next level, but there are many that are doing just that but the opportunities are very slim to none. Then what has truly come out of it all, a wasted promise and a life of wondering, “what if”?

This spring, like many other seasons, ball players in big league camps will either be given pink slips or sent back to the minor league camps. Some less deserving than others and some going back to wondering if the journey is worth it all.

I am grateful that I have made some amazing friendships in this game, because it has truly shown me what it feels like to be involved in the professional ranks.  And my rant, which I rarely ever do is not a knock on every MLB organization, because I am sure there are many that handle their players differently, but from my view, there are those that need to do better.

Playing this game is a privilege and not every ball player that makes it to the minors is gifted to go all the way, but there are still many that should be given the opportunity, but the call never comes, even though it’s promised that it will.

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