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WBSC Premier 12: Canada, Japan Remain Undefeated In Opening Round

wbsc premier 12

So far in the opening round games of the WBSC Premier 12 Tournament, Team Canada and Team Japan are undefeated at 2-0 and lead their respective groups.

All the other teams are 1-1, with only the Dominican Republic and Italy as the only two teams that have yet to win a game at 0-2.

With the Quarterfinal round less than a week away, only the top four countries from each group of six will advance.

Right now Canada and Japan look like a lock to advance, barring a total collapse in the next three games.

Japan opened the tournament by beating South Korea 5-0 on Sunday, then survived a battle with Team Mexico to win it 6-5 in the bottom of the ninth on Wednesday.

Canada opened up their tourney with a 5-1 victory over Team Cuba on Tuesday, then shut out Team Puerto Rico on Wednesday 2-0, allowing just four singles in the game.

Both teams will try and stay undefeated as they play on Thursday with Japan facing off against the Dominican Republic and Canada goes up against Chinese Taipei.

Current Standings of Group/Pool A&B:

Group/Pool A
Canada (2-0)
Chinese Taipei (1-1)
Cuba (1-1)
Puerto Rico (1-1)
Netherlands (1-1)
Italy (0-2)

Group/Pool B
Japan (2-0)
Mexico (1-1)
South Korea (1-1)
United States (1-1)
Venezuela (1-1)
Dominican Republic (0-2)

Thursday Schedule
Venezuela vs. South Korea
Puerto Rico vs. Cuba
United States vs. Mexico
Japan vs. Dominican Republic
Netherlands vs. Italy
Canada vs. Chinese Taipei

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