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What a Display of Power

What a Display of Power

What a Display of Power at the 2021 Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise. For the most part, we live on a Tropical Island. Hence, the weather loves doing its tricks and can go from rain to sunshine in 5 minutes every hour & a half, as we saw this weekend at the derby. 

Team Fox Jr vs. Team Isaacs Jr:

2021 Home Run Derby Champions. Photo By 360 Designs & Image

And the winner is; Team Isaacs, winning by six home runs 58-52. Revenge is sweet. So then, Team Isaacs now has one whole year of bragging rights. 

In addition to a change in venue, I forgot how beautiful the beach was out there. How could I; after all, it is Paradise Island, and I worked out there for 30yrs, with a window view to that beauty. 

Okay, back to the derby, with both teams loaded with sluggers and with a few raindrops, off and on, the crowd was ready and enjoyed it to the end. 

Jazz Chisholm Jr, Lewis Brinson, & Mj Melendez:

Besides the home runs hit by the Mets, Dominic Smith, & Warren Saunders, Indians Will Benson, and Todd Issacs Jr. Chisholm, Lewis, and Melendez made it to the finals. However, MJ hit 7 out of pitches for home runs to win it all.

Know the name, MJ Melendez:

What a Display of Power

Home Run King 2021; K C Royals, MJ Melendez. Photo By 10th Year Senior.

What a Display of Power by MJ Melendez. However, Melendez also led Minor League Baseball with 41 home runs between Double-A and Triple-A to earn the Joe Bauman Award. Hence, the 2021 Home Run Derby Championship added to his 2021 accomplishments. 

What A Treat: 

After hearing that MJ was on his way to the derby on the draft selection show, I was all smiles. Then after he had launched six home runs in a row into those beautiful sky-blue waters, I was all smiles again. Wow! This guy is the real deal, and I am excited for his future in the game. Therefore, The K.C. Royals has a Gem, so let’s follow his game to see how it turns out. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Home Run Derby in Paradise Champion, MJ Melendez. 

My Man, Nick Gordon:

What a Display of Power

The Life of the Party, Minnesota Twins, Nick Gordon.

By the way, I have to get this in my 2021 story; the life of the party at the derby every year is my man, Nick Gordon. In short, every year, when I asked him if I should double my bet on him winning it all, he would say yes! I gat this; Lol!

Minnesota Twins, Nick Gordon.

Besides, Nick has a sweet swing and has a very good approach to the ball. So, to my man Nick Gordon, they say three strikes you are out; well, next year is your last chance before I change my pick. 

Most of all, Nick is the life of the home run derby party; we love having him here. So, my friend, good luck to you in your MLB 2022 season. #NoMLB2022Lockout# Let’s play Ball! 


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