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What Will Baseball Bring In 2015?

As I sit here on New Years Day 2015, I look back as to how great of a baseball season it was in 2014. There was drama, there was excitement, there was just pure adrenalin pumping games that had us all on the edge of our seats. There were Legends leaving the game while passing over the baton to the next generation of stars.

I have to also admit that I am a sucker for those teams that came from no where to prove that big salaries and big names didn’t always equal success. We saw that years ago with the Tampa Rays and in 2014 we witnessed it again with the Kansas City Royals.

Now it doesn’t bother me all too much that my team the Mets, didn’t make the playoffs, because what excites me the most is that there are tons of players in the minors all over baseball that are going to make the 2015 season a breakthrough one and bring their talents to the show.  We have seen it over the years as the young and proven stars like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig, Jose Fernandez, Jacob deGrom, Clayton Kershaw, Madison Bumgarner, just to name a few, have taken over the spotlight.  And there are many more, plus those future stars just waiting to take their turn.

I come from the era when Derek Jeter was the young stud in the game, and now once again I get to witness the youth movement taking over the league and its an exciting time.

So now I sit back and count the days til pitchers and catchers are to report to their respective camps. It really doesn’t hurt that my front door is minutes away from a slew of team camps as I look forward to venturing over to watch all of the players get ready for a new season.

What will baseball bring in 2015?, well we can all just guess, but one thing that we can all agree on is that it will be another great season of baseball all over this country.  But remember one thing, it does not only happen in the major league ballparks, because the minors will be in full swing once the summer begins, and those are where the stars of tomorrow are born.

The 2015 season can not come any sooner and the video below should get you pumped.

I know I am.

(Feature Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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