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What Would an Aaron Judge Departure From NY Mean for The Yankees?

The New York Yankees have an offer on the table for 8 years, $300 Million to resign slugger Aaron Judge. Is that more then enough to bring back the franchise player and if not, what does it mean for this storied franchise?

There isn’t a baseball fan on this planet who wants their hometown team to lose out on resigning their best player in their lineup.  No fan wants to even think that a homegrown star like Judge, who has soared to amazing heights, wouldn’t want to finish their career where it all started and if you area Yankees fan, you are thinking, who doesn’t want to call the Bronx home.

Well for the first time in a while, Yankees fans are sweating with the idea that one of their own may choose to move on and continue with another organization. How dare any homegrown ball player do that to the Yankees?

Well nothing has been decided yet as Judge has yet to make a decision if he will stay in the Bronx, head back home to the Sacramento area and join the San Francisco Giants, with whom we all know have interest in signing him, or maybe a surprise team swoops in and snags the star. Its a waiting game that has all Yankees fans on edge with the thought; what will they do if Judge does leave?

Whatever Judge decides will be a career decision, as any contract that he is given in the 8+ year range, would take him to the end of his playing days. So his decision is one that will be best for him and his family, and of course the team that will give him the best opportunity to win a World Series ring.

The thought of Judge leaving the pinstripes for the orange and black of the Giants, would the Yankees be the same? Well there isn’t any homegrown prospects at this time or in the near future that have the same skills that Judge has or that can become that impact player in the short term. So the departure of Judge would cause the Yankees to have to look outside of the organization for that franchise type player. Would fans be ok with that? Well as long as it brings rings back to the Bronx, I am sure of it.

So the Yankees will survive if Judge decides to head West? They will lose the star power bat that they know will be hard to replace, but they will find the needed pieces to compete for a Title as they do each season.

But that doesn’t mean the loss of Judge wouldn’t be a sting to the organization that signed and gave him the opportunity to be a star in this game.

So as the clock ticks on his decision, Yankee fans wait to see what the 2023 season will look like – Aaron Judge leading the way for the next 8+ seasons, or a new batch a stars heading to the Bronx.

With anticipation, we all wait and see.

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