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Will Carlos Correa end up signing with the Mets?

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You’ve probably heard about the Carlos Correa saga if you’re an MLB fan or follow the sport. He opted out of the final two seasons of his contract with the Twins to become a free agent. He then elected the Bay Area and became a San Francisco Giant on a 13-year, $350 million deal. Or so we thought.

During Correa’s physical, the San Francisco Giants and their medical staff had growing concerns about Correa’s right leg, which he had surgically repaired eight years ago after suffering a broken fibula sliding during a minor league game.

Within a day of the Giants pulling out of the deal, Steve Cohen and the New York Mets front office swooped up and grabbed Correa, inking him to a 12-year contract worth $315 million. The deal shocked the baseball community and sent social media into a frenzy.

Correa underwent his Mets physical last Thursday, and reports began to emerge that the Mets were also concerned about the same leg problem that forced the Giants to back out of the $350 million deal. With the holidays, the reports were put on hold for a couple of days and the news became relatively quiet.

Both sides are still riveted to signing the deal. It was also said that the Mets would be interested in signing Correa to a “reconstructed” deal, meaning the number of years would be lowered. It would lessen the probability that the Mets would have to hold an injured Correa if a bad injury occurred.

Although it is still likely that the deal does get done in a “reconstructed” manner, it’s not set in stone, and anything could happen.



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