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Will Ferrell Plays All 9 Positions In Cactus League Tour

Actor Will Ferrell did an interesting thing on Thursday, he appeared in five spring baseball games, playing nine different positions for ten teams to bring awareness to cancer. He even had a helicopter fly him into a game, and it landed in the outfield. Wow what a day.

This was not only great for the fight against Cancer, it was also great for baseball.

Ferrell, in his own quirky way, actually played the part of a ball player trying to make a major league squad and each time he was removed from a game, he didn’t take it lightly, even tossing over a water cooler in the Dodgers dugout and doing interviews with the media discussing his displeasure with being cut from the team.

But to actually travel to five Cactus League parks and suit up for each team, and actually play really well, was truly an amazing feat.

Even the teams seemed to really enjoy having him around and joined in on the fun and if anything else it brought some well placed humor and great awareness to a day full of baseball.

Ferrell started his tour by having a video chat with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and then began his mission to do what only one other baseball player has ever done and that is play all nine positions in one game. Bert Campaneris did it five decades ago in a major league baseball game.

Follow the videos below and enjoy his journey to try and become a Major League Baseball Player.

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