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With Matt Harvey Back, Are The Mets Better?

I saw a tweet just the other day about Matt Harvey and the hype surrounding his return:

Now Jason has a great point and it made me think if the Mets will be better with Harvey back.

Looking at last season alone and before the emergence of Jacob deGrom, who did the Mets really have that was their ace, maybe Bartolo Colon? But there wasn’t a Harvey in the rotation, someone that brought hype with every start.

Now Jason’s tweet has to make sense, Harvey is 12-10 in two major league seasons, but could those ten losses, have been wins.  If you look at his 2013 season, Harvey was 4-0 (2 no-decisions) in April, 1-0 (4 no-decisions) in May, 2-1 (3 no-decisions) in June, 1-1 (2 no-decisions) in July, and 1-3 (1 no-decision) in August, but most of the losses except for one, were three runs or less, so in reality the 25-year old right-hander kept the Mets in basically every game he threw.


So looking at my assessment of his 2013 season, it’s safe to say that if Harvey comes back and is anywhere near or even better than his 2013 season was, then the Mets will need to field a team that can put up the numbers to win ball games.

The key to the Mets success will not only be what Harvey does on every fifth day, but it will be determined on what the Mets do day in and day out. Will David Wright return to his all-star form? Can Curtis Granderson hit higher than .227 and use the closer fences to his advantage? Will Lucas Duda duplicate his break-out 2014 season and hit another 30 home runs and drive in close to 100 RBI’s? Will Wilmer Flores finally emerge as the man to take over shortstop and become a star? What about Harvey’s mound mates, can they perform at their best to compliment their ace?

These are questions I am sure all Mets fans have including the players themselves and in reality, no one knows what Harvey will bring to the table.  He does say he feels good after missing the entire 2014 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. And that is music to the ears of all Mets fans.

So if I had to answer my own question, will the Mets be better with Harvey back? I would have to say, Yes, but only if all the other pieces come together.  He isn’t the savior, but a healthy and dominate Harvey is more exciting and something to look forward to.

Look for the Mets to be good again, but just how much, I guess we will all have to wait and see.

(Photo Courtesy of MLB.com)

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