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Wow, It’s Already the Baseball Off-Season, Now What?

Prior to September 28th, my main focus was on the rest of the crazy MLB season, as my team, the New York Mets were fighting for first place and also about to start our Babe Ruth baseball teams Fall season. But little did we all know here in Southwest Florida, that Hurricane Ian would impact us as much as that 500 year storm did.

After the storm devasted SWFL and our barrier islands, my focus switched very quickly to survival mode as I worked day and night to get our home and my parents home back to livable conditions. We lost power and internet so any connections to the outside world were very limited.  But life goes on and baseball was still happening around the country. It just seemed like our county was a third world country.

It took nearly a week to find a generator and then three weeks to get back our internet which just meant I didn’t miss much, as the Mets bowed out in the first round. So my off-season started way earlier than I had hoped.

For the rest of the playoffs, I wasn’t able to catch much of it, but enough to see the Houston Astros take out our rival Philadelphia Phillies to win the 2022 World Series. Congrats to Houston.

Now What?

Well, as I sit here watching the news and another Storm is heading to Florida, and the Houston Fans are enjoying their Championship parade, I think about what the off-season can bring when it comes to Trades and/or Free Agent Signings.

It is so hard to predict which teams will make a winter splash and find that one or two players that will help bring home a ring.

Can the Los Angeles Angels finally put the pieces together to give Mike Trout a chance to get back to the postseason. Will the New York Yankees resign their franchise player in Aaron Judge and go further in the playoffs in 2023. Do the Mets have enough money to resign all the needed players to stay strong, or will they look to outside help? Will the Dodgers get over their NLDS collapse after winning 111 regular season games and come back even stronger?

There are a bunch of rising stars that look to make a major impact for their clubs in 2023, which one will be the next Jeremy Pena?

There are so many questions, that fans hope to get the answers.

As a milestone season has ended, all us fans look forward to another epic year in 2023.

The offseason season looks to be exciting as we all wait and see which teams will set themselves up to be great.

After the storm passed, all I wanted was just wanted to watch a baseball game to clear my mind, and then the off-season came a bit too quick for me. But if I look at it another way, we are just 99 days from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.

Let the countdown begin.




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