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Yanks To Honor Fallen NYPD Officer Ramos


On Saturday afternoon, the NYPD lost two of their officers, when they were both assassinated by a crazed gunman, while sitting in their patrol car.  The police stated the gunman went to NY with the intentions of killing two police officers to revenge the killing of Eric Garner.

But the New York Yankees decided to step up to the plate and do something special for one of the fallen heroes, Officer Ralph Ramos, who leaves behind a 13-year old son and another son in college. The Yanks, through their Silver Shield Foundation will pay for the education of both young men.

As reported on Sunday by MLB.com:

The foundation will set aside an education fund to assist with tuition payments for prep school, college and university undergraduate and graduate school, vocational and technical school and tutoring services.

In the early 1980’s, George Steinbrenner, created the foundation to help the children of police and firefighters killed in the line of duty. While attending a funeral for a police officer killed in the line of duty, the foundation website states that Mr. Steinbrenner was deeply moved by the ceremony in which the American flag was folded military-style and presented to the officer’s surviving spouse and young children.  The site also shares Foundation Co-Founder  James E. Fuch’s take on how Mr. Steinbrenner felt:

“George could not forget the image of the children. He was concerned about their education and who would help with the cost, so he established the Silver Shield Foundation.”

I tip my cap and salute the Steinbrenner family and their Silver Shield Foundation for making the right decision in this situation and standing up for Officer Ramos’ family.  This gesture hits home with me as well, since Officer Ramos was someone I knew very well when I lived in New York, as we attended the same church.

In a moment of grief and sorrow, two young men have been given the opportunity to continue to strive for success and all thanks to an organization known for giving back to those that need it the most. Great job Yankees and Thank You!

David Conde
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