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Yoenis Cespedes And The Mets, A Perfect Match

Cespedes - Alex Brandon AP

Alex Brandon/AP

There is no question that Yoenis Cespedes is a great baseball player, and for the past few seasons he has been a very good one, but now on the big stage in New York, he is doing more for this team than any player has done in a very long time.

The New York Mets are in first place and after their three game sweep over the second place Nationals, three straight comeback victories along with clutch performances by Cespedes, the Mets find themselves up seven games with a little over a month left in the regular season.

So how important is Cespedes to the Mets?,  well in my opinion he is the best hitter since the days when Carlos Beltran wore a Mets uniform. And I can possibly say that he is even better.  He may be on the same platform of what Mike Piazza meant to the Mets, but he can be even better.  Is it safe to say that the Mets have never had a player as explosive as Cespedes in their everyday lineup in their history? Maybe we can say they had Darryl Strawberry or Dave Kingman, but over the past nine seasons, there have been no one that comes even close to what Cespedes is doing with the Mets. It’s just an amazing run.

Is it all an illusion, that he will continue to play at this level if he remains a Met? Some may argue that there is no way and he will come back to earth next season, but why not take a chance and see, he sure is worth the risk.

Cespedes just makes everyone around him better and his ability to drive in runs and get on base is just a tremendous gift to a team that has suffered with their offense for a very long time and winning baseball has not been the norm in Queens. Heck it’s so good right now that the Mets are nearly selling out at home each game and also when they are on the road.

In the beginning of the season, the Mets were mediocre, they hung around, but there was not even a thought that they would be in first place once September rolled around, but after the trade that brought the Mighty Cuban to Queens, it’s just like night and day with this team.  Everyone in the lineup is contributing and they are having fun doing it.

Since the trade the Mets are 25-11, and have solidified themselves as major contenders heading into the postseason.

No more talk of how bad they are, now all you hear is how will they win the next game. These guys believe in themselves and it shows in each at bat, with how they work the counts, and how the pitching staff and bullpen have picked it up and gotten the outs when needed.

I even see the old Mets fans returning, ones who left the team when the Yankees became a powerhouse in the late 90’s and early 2000, but now have realized their love for the Mets has been re-ignited.  Have the Mets stole the city back? and if so can we all thank Mr. Yoenis Cespedes?

After arriving to the Mets on August 1, Cespedes enjoyed a month where he batted .331, with eight home runs and 23 RBI for his new club, but now in September, where winning games truly matters, he is batting .434, with six home runs and 13 RBI and we are just nine days into the month. Plus he is on a tear, he has homered in six of his last eight games, with most being majestic clutch shots.

In 36 games with the Mets the Cuban native is batting .312, with 33 runs, nine doubles, three triples, 14 HR, 36 RBI, and overall for the season he is batting .298, 95 runs, 37 doubles, 32 HR, 97 RBI. With just what he has done for the Mets, can we say that he is a legitimate candidate for the NL MVP?

When you think of a player winning the MVP, a few things come to mind, his stats, how dominating he has been offensively throughout the season and what he truly means to his team.  Now another big factor has to be how good is the team and are they contending for the title. With that being said, Bryce Harper is probably the clear leader for the MVP award because of what he has done for a full season, but if you really want to look at a player that has changed the make up of the team and has been a huge impact to the success of the club, you have to consider Cespedes for MVP.  Yes he has only been with the Mets for a little over a month, but what he has done in a Mets uniform, and what he means to their season, should guarantee him an MVP nod.

Cespedes 2 -Alex Brandon AP

Alex Brandon AP

He is just an amazing player to watch, and trust me I try to catch every single at bat, even if it means listening on the radio. These days, I can’t wait to get in front of the TV with my two boys to watch the team play, and it’s not like I ever abandoned the Mets, because a true fan stays with his team through thick and thin, but they were just unbearable to watch at times this season, nearly giving heart attacks to their fans. It’s been a long journey back to excellence and trust me I am enjoying the ride, all Mets fans are.

The Mets have figured it out and I will finally give credit to where it is due; Terry Collins is pushing the right buttons, and all I can say to that is, about time. It’s not like the talent wasn’t already there, they just needed a push, maybe it was a Cespedes push.

And another credit goes to Sandy Alderson, as it was reported on Tuesday that he and the representatives for Cespedes took a huge step as they removed the five-day provision currently in his contract that would have prevented the Mets from having a real shot at signing him once this off-season started.

The contract that he signed with the A’s in 2012, included that whatever team he was playing for only had five days to resign him when his contract expired.

But now the Mets can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride they are on with the hopes that their current resurgence to a powerhouse club leads them to a championship. Then after the season, they will have time to negotiate with Cespedes along with other teams that will be looking to hire his services for years to come.  At least now the Mets have a fighting chance, two thumbs up to the GM.

So what does all of this mean, well it doesn’t get any better than this and it can’t be for just one season, Cespedes belongs on the Mets and whatever it takes to sign him, just get it done.  But for now, let’s finally enjoy a winning season as we Mets fans look forward to postseason baseball at Citi Field.

First up on the agenda, the NL East Division Crown. The Magic Number is 17 and counting…..

David Conde

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  1. tune-in for baseball

    September 13, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Most sports fans are fickle and will turn on a player when they hit a rough patch. In New York that response is larger than most areas. Cespedes needs to hit a rough patch and see if he can take the heat he will be exposed to by the media and fans. He is older and more mature than in Oakland where he did not do well with rejection. Boston was tough on him too.
    For 2016, he could be looking for a Cano type of contract(10/$240mill), which would put him out of the reach of any rational NL club since there is no DH.

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