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Yordano Ventura: Another Young Ace Taken Way Too Soon

Original Photo taken by: Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY SPORTS

I do not think we can ever get used this, and we know that baseball players are not immortal or immune to bad things in life, but it is just very difficult to comprehend losing another young ball player at a stage in his career where he is at the top of his game.

Any loss of life, be it the average person or someone you follow in a sport is a tragedy, but just looking at it from a baseball perspective it just doesn’t seem fair.

Last fall the baseball world suffered the loss of Miami Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez to a tragic boating accident that also took the life of his two friends. A life cut way too soon, and you think ‘Ok this is just a tragic thing and we can move on.’ But then it happens again and you start to think what is going on here. How could it happen again?, and not just one but two ball players lost in the same weekend, at a time when all of baseball is gearing up for another season.

To be 25 years old and at the top of your profession is a great accomplishment, especially with so much to look forward to in the future. But bad decisions in life can sometimes detour a promising path and even though it has been reported that Yordano Ventura, the Kansas City Royals Ace was under the influence causing him to die in an automobile accident, it doesn’t negate what he meant to his teammates, his fans and all of baseball.

What is tragic also is looking forward to something that never comes to pass, as Ventura tweeted on January 13, just ten days ago.

Some of Ventura’s teammates took to social media to remember their fallen hero.

There aren’t really many words to describe how the baseball world is feeling at this moment, but all we can share is that to take each day and make a positive impact in the lives of anyone that you come in contact with. Ventura made a positive impact to his teammates, fan base and his family and friends and he will never be forgotten.


The other ball player to die was former MLB veteran Andy Marte, who played with the Atlanta Braves (2005), Cleveland Indians (2006-2010) and recently in 2014 with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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