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Young players First Season 2

Young players First Season 2

Minor League Season 1:

Young players First Season, part 2.

Ian Lewis, FCL Marlins:

Marlins #28 Prospect

Dax Stubbs, Ian Lewis, Everette Cooper, All 1st-year players. Photo 360 Designs & Images

In addition to being the Marlins #26 Top Prospect, moving up from #28, He was also named their 2021 FCL MVP.

How excited were you to play in your first season? IL: – It was definitely a moment I will never forget finally getting on the field, knowing I worked so hard to be in the position I am in

What was it like seeing and playing against childhood friends in the minors? IL: – Felt like we were back at the farms competing honestly, still laughing and having fun competing just at another level in our baseball careers.

Adari Grant DSL Cardinals Blue:

1st Minor Leaguers 2

DSL Cardinal Blue, Adari Grant

How excited were you to play in your first season? AG: – Overfill with joy, he responded. So, finally, I got to suit up as a minor leaguer for the first time. 

What was it like seeing and playing against childhood friends in the minors? AG: – Very excited to be able to play against my friends, knowing where we came from, and how having a chance to live our dream, that made me happy 

Moreover, what are you looking forward to in 2022? AG: – I’m looking forward to getting better as a player, on and off the field, and showing my talent. However, I know 2022 is going to be a big year for me. 

Ellison Hanna Jr Missoula Paddleheads:

1st Minor Leaguers 2

Pioneer League, Missoula Paddleheads, Ellison Hanna Jr.

He is currently waiting to be processed. As a result, he did not get to play a game. So far, so good! 

My questions for you are: 

How are things looking for next year? EH: – Future is looking bright. I’m training every day and getting ready for that first Pro season with the Paddleheads. 

Were you drafted there? EH: – Yes. I visited a tryout in July, and the Pioneer League held a draft. I was one out of 16 players selected; out of 90 players. After that, I went back to play for my collegiate summer team and signed with the Missoula Paddleheads immediately following the end of the season. 

So, what are you look forward to playing in the Pioneer League?  

 EH: – Honestly, what I’m most looking forward to playing in the pioneer league is the atmosphere. So then, in the mountains, and the ball flies there. I’m hoping to be the best version of Ellison when I’m there – putting my 230lb frame to work. 

Also, the team that I’m looking to play with had two previous Bahamians play for them when affiliated with the diamondbacks. So, I feel it’s awesome to be heading somewhere my fellow Bahamians Jazz Chisholm, and Kristian Robinson thrived. I feel welcomed. 

Finally, how excited are you to be playing pro baseball? EH: – I’m super excited to have the opportunity to play pro ball. It’s been a long time coming. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in 2015 with The Pirates, and I’ve watched many more of my brothers since then make it to the next level. I’ve been working my tail off to get there since. Hence, it feels good to finally be seated at the table with the guys – hoping to eat with them soon. 

Moreover, what are you looking forward to in 2022? IL: I have set my standards very high for next season; to come out and perform to the best of my ability and show what 242 has to bring. 

Young players First Season, part 2.

Bertrum Murray ACL CUBS:

Above all, He was the only one of our players drafted in the 2021 MLB draft. Murray was drafted in the 15th round by The Cubs and overall, #454 and assigned to the ACL Cubs. However, he played in 16 games. Resulting in 12 hits in 56 at-bats, two home runs, one triples & 2 doubles for a .286BA. So, in Short, we will be waiting to see him show his skills in 2022. 

Evan Sweeting ACL Padres:

In this case, Evan was the only pitcher of all the 2021 players. However, He was able to show off his pitching in the last game of the season. By the way, that inning he pitched in was very impressive, striking out three hitters and walking one. I can’t wait for his 2022 season. Good Luck, Evan.

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