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Young players First Season

Young players First Season, the 2021 baseball season saw Nine of them playing in their first season in the minors. Three players have been waiting since the cancellation of the 2020 season. 

By the way, how time flies, one day they are playing T-Ball, Coach Pitch, 12U baseball; and you blink, and they are in the minors. Yet, most of their stories took almost the same paths as most before them. 

Here are their stories on their first pro season in the minors, part 1. 

Minor League Season 1:
Kristin Munroe, DSL Angels.

Angels #26 Top Prospect, Kristin Munroe.

The Angels #25 Top Prospect Kristin Munroe. 

How excited were you to play in your 1st minor league game? KM: – Playing in my 1st game was unreal; I always would think about that moment; However, being on the field was a dream come true for me. 

How Excited were you seeing and playing against your childhood baseball friend in the minors? KM: – Oh, it was a lot of fun and competitive; we were enemies on the field, lol! But I was happy to see them. 

Meanwhile, in Kristin’s 1st game, he was so excited that he went 3 for 4, with 2runs scored and 4 RBIs; wow! Plus, that game was against two of his friend’s team; however, they were not in the lineup for that game. 

Dax Stubbs, DSL Orioles 2.

         DSL Orioles 2 infielder, Dax Stubbs

Same question, how excited were you to play in your 1st minor league game? For the most part, I was a little pumped up to be back playing baseball after Covid; delayed my debut. But then again, I was nervous trying to start on a good foot. 

In the meantime, what was it like playing against your baseball buddies from your same local league at home, some of whom were local teammates and others who were not? How was it? DS: – Lots of fun playing in those games, seeing friends, and thinking how our hard work in the game has paid off as we all continue to chase our dreams of playing in the MLB. 

Steven Adderly, DSL Marlins.

Young Players First Season

DSL Marlins, Steven Adderley

For instance, Adderley is one of two players on the Marlins DSL team that played in the Freedom Farm Baseball League. 

Tell me, Steven, how was your 1st season in the minors? SA: – A dream come true, you know, begin from a small town who would have thought I would be pursuing the start of my dream and actually playing for a professional team; it was full of excitement, and I loved it. 

So then, how what was it like playing against your local friends? SA: – Probably one of the best feelings ever, not only to play against my brothers but to see all of us there shining, making our dreams come true; nothing better than seeing your brothers win too great a feeling. 

Finally, what are you hoping for next season? SA: – Unfortunately, I did not play an entire season, so for next season, I will be working hard this off-season and work harder for a break-out year full of success. 

Andre Arthur, DSL Marlins.

Young Players First Season

DSL Marlins, Andre Arthur

Also, Arthur is the 2nd of our players on the Marlins DSL team. We were looking forward to seeing these two players share the field. 

So, Andre, how exciting was season one? AA: – Very, it’s something I have been waiting for since I first picked up a glove and a bat; the first step of a long journey is always one to remember. 

What about playing against childhood friends? AA: – seeing those guys in a different uniform and watching them compete for an opposing team brings out my competitive nature. Honestly, excitement alone would be an understatement. 

What about a teammate from the Bahamas? AA: – Reassuring, to be honest, having someone you can relate to and converse with daily is always a plus, especially when you are playing in a foreign country with only 1 or 2 English-speaking teammates. 

What are you looking forward to in 2022? AA: – Improving my mechanics with the bat and glove, getting bigger and stronger, more mature and disciplined and also, trusting the process to improve my numbers.

Everette Copper, DSL Astros

DSL Astros, Everette Cooper

How excited were you to play in your 1st minor league game? EC: – It was thrilling to get my career started finally. At first, I was having game time jitters, but after I caught my first fly ball in centerfield, I brushed it off and enjoyed the game. 

What about playing against childhood friends? EC: – Another exciting time was going up against those guys. Which also brought back some old memories when we played against each other at Freedom Farm. 

Finally, what are you looking to improve on in 2022? EC: – Well, I will look forward to letting the game come to me, be more composed, and relax for a better year. 

I enjoy talking with our baseball players, whom I have followed from they were coach pitch. I can’t wait to see them advancing through the system to their dreams to the MLB. 

Stay Tune for part 2 

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